EVENT REVIEW: HBO’s Game of Thrones Season Finale Party

We all knew that something major was going to happen in the finale of season 5 of GoT. BUT THAT?! No one was expecting that (unless you’re a book reader)! GS were invited to Riley’s Sports Bar to watch the episode live on Monday night. Read more to find out what went on! *Spoiler Alert*

The Event

The perks of showing the Game of Thrones finale in a sports bar: screens everywhere, themed drinks, great atmosphere. Put a load of fans in the same room to watch it together and the atmosphere is even better. Before Mother’s Mercy aired, we watched episode 8 and part of 9 to recap all the horrors, had a raffle to win HBO goodie bags and chatted with fans to hear what they thought was in store for the final episode.

We were also treated to themed food and drinks, with cocktails like Mother of Dragons, Tyrion Lannister and The Night’s Watch, all of which were yummy. HBO hosted the evening in order to make a reaction video to be released the next day and you can see the video below where they’ve changed the audio a little in some places so they don’t give away too many spoilers.


The Finale

I’ll admit that haven’t read the books (I’m about 50 pages into the first one), so I don’t know what’s new for the TV show or taken away from the books. Personally, I thought season 5 was a bit slow. Yes there was drama and a few shockers, but I don’t think it had enough pace compared to some of the earlier seasons. But Mother’s Mercy had ALL the drama! Here’s an overview of what happened in episode 10.


In episode 9, Melisandre tells Stannis to kill his daughter, as apparently, making a sacrifice of the King’s blood will help them get to Winterfell. Logic? So: episode 10. Stannis wakes up the next morning to find that his wife as committed suicide and half his army has up and left him. Even so, he still continues to march towards Winterfell to take it. Silly Stannis.

Seeing that Stannis can’t win this one, Melisandre flees back to Castle Black. After a short fight, Brienne finds Stannis and supposedly kills him, but we never actually see it happen. Does this mean he’s still alive and just missing an arm? Guess we’ll find out next season.

That takes us back to Winterfell and Sansa’s story. Before Brienne goes to fight off Stannis, she’s watching the tower and waiting for Sansa to light a candle so she can go rescue her. Just after Brienne leaves, a light appears in the tower. Shoot back over to Sansa and she’s making her way back down the stairs. Theon and Miranda, who is aiming a bow and arrow at her, block her way. After some trash talk, Theon finally comes to his senses and throws Miranda over the wall, killing her. He and Sansa then make their escape over the castle wall. It’s a pretty big drop, but here’s hoping they landed in a soft patch of deep snow.

Deanerys was last seen escaping on her dragon in some not so great CGI. Episode 10 leaves her off looking for food when a group of Dothraki find her. Varys returns to Meereen where he finds Tyrion who has been left in charge of looking after the city, as he’s the only one who knows what he’s doing.

Arya has been training in Braavos with the Faceless Man, when she confronts Meryn Trant in the brothel and kills him. Upon returning to the House of Black and White, Jaqen says that she has displeased the Many Faced God by killing someone who was not hers to kill. Seeing as only death can pay for life, Jaqen takes out a vile of poison, glugs it down and dies. Then as punishment, Arya loses her sight and is now blind.

At King’s Landing, Cersei admits to her crimes (but not her relationship with Jamie) and is forced to make the walk of shame whilst naked through the city. Lots of people were negative about the use of a body double for Cersei’s walk of shame. However, Lena Headey has loads of awesome tattoos, which would have been a pain to cover with make up for the three-day shoot, only to risk having the make up rub off from all the food being thrown at her, plus she was pregnant during filming. So CGI seemed an appropriate replacement for this scene. I didn’t even notice she’d been CGI-ed before I saw the comparison photos the next day, so I think it worked pretty well!

Jamie returns to King’s Landing with Bron and Myrcella. Before she leaves, Ellaria kisses Myrcella and we think nothing of it. On the boat, Jamie confesses to Myrcella that he is her father. She says she always knew and they hug it out, but then she starts bleeding from her nose. Turn back to Ellaria on shore and she too is bleeding from the nose. She’d coated her lips with poison before kissing Myrcella. However, she has the antidote so a swig of that and she’s fine. We don’t see Myrcella die; we just assume that they have no cure on the boat with them.

Back at The Wall, Sam has left with Gilly and the baby to become a Maester. Olly runs to tell Jon that his Uncle Benjen is back at Castle Black. Jon rushes out to find a sign that says “traitor” and turns to face The Night’s Watch. They mutiny against him, each of them stabbing Jon one by one and saying “for the watch.” Episode 10 finishes with Jon lying in a pool of his own blood in the snow. BUT IS HE DEAD?

The Theories

So all in all a lot of drama and a lot of deaths, which was to be expected. But we don’t know how many of those deaths actually happened. Stannis, Mrycella and Jon could all be alive (although things are looking pretty bleak for Mrycella and Jon). So what could be the outcome of THAT last death scene?

One theory is that his soul will transfer into Ghost, his dire wolf. Another is that Melisandre could bring Jon back from the dead, seeing as she reached Castle Black just before the mutiny and might be able to save him. Or when his body is burned, will he be reborn from the fire because he has Targaryen blood. The latter would be awesome, because then he’d have dire wolves AND dragons. But producers are saying that Kit Harington won’t be back for season 6. Are they telling porkies? If Jon could be reborn in the fire, they’d have to show his body being burned at Castle Black before anything else can happen at Castle Black. Or if they’re telling the truth, does that mean no Castle Black next season? But then what about the While Walkers? That’s got to blow up soon. SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Now we’ve got a long wait ahead of us! Have you seen the Mother’s Mercy? Of course you have. Let us know what your thoughts about the episode in the comments below, plus your own theories!

GS Blogger: Jess Hawke


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