EVENT REVIEW: Herne Bay Sci Fi by the Sea

9059309306_0294b8f37f‘Luke. I am your father’. One of the most famous quotes in science fiction and an appropriate sentiment of Herne Bay’s Sci Fi by the Sea even on Father’s Day. Over 3,000 Sci Fi fans and families descended on Herne Bay’s football club to celebrate the best in Sci Fi.

The damp and dreary conditions put no-one off as families and fans lined up to see Colin Baker and step through the TARDIS, meet stars of Star Wars and hunt through collectables. Photo opportunities with multiple Doctor Whos, Storm Troopers, Jack Sparrows and assorted Batmen delighted kids both young and old alike. Organised by the Herne Bay Promo Team – a group of like-minded volunteers – this was a spectacular event.  The sixth Doctor was the star name, and the queue for Colin Baker’s autograph was as long as Tom Baker’s scarf. Other guests included Peter Roy, a rebel engineer in Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars puppeteer Tim Rose, the delectable Femi Taylor who was Jabba’s slave dancer in Return of the Jedi and Brain Wheeler, best known for turns in Return of the Jedi and Neverending Story. There was also a few local superstars such as the man in the C-3PO suit, Andy Hutchinson, and prop builder Jason Onion, who turned up with a TARDIS and more. There was plenty of stalls selling Sci-Fi memorabilia, comics and signed pictures of stars.

But if you were a family, it was a perfect Father’s Day. Dads and their kids were in seventh heaven. Dads were having photos with Princess Lea, Lara Croft and Poison Ivy. Kids were chased by Daleks or taken into custody by Storm Troopers. Meanwhile, Mums were being charmed by at least three Jack Sparrows and plenty of Doctor Whos. And in the middle of it all, towering over Ed209 and an Alien xenomorph, an enormous Stay Puft Marshmallow Man kept watch.

And for entertainment, as well as Britain’s Got Talent star Maarty Broekman (check out #maartyforthe12thdoctor on Twitter), we had a great SF rock band staring Darth Vader and Doctor ‘Bones’ McCoy, amongst others. Great fun!

All in all, a terrific event in a great community, and a terrific day out. And all for charity too – with he Kent Air Ambulance, Cancer Research and The Dog’s Trust benefiting. I’m betting the other 3,000 plus attendees agreed. Looking forward to next year already!

Reporter: Ian J Simpson

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  1. That Iron man picture is so adorable.

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