EVENT REVIEW: London Super Comic Con 2013

One of the newest comic conventions in the UK was back for its second time out but did it beat last year’s hype?

OK so let’s get the obvious point out of the way that last year they got the catch of a lifetime with Stan Lee but there really was no way to improve on that so this year it had to offer more choice.

Once again the event was held in the Excel Centre in London in two of the halls. The big change was that it felt more this time compared to the huge underutilized  space in the center of the convention last year, which created a kind of dead zone. The layout appeared better for the attendee but maybe not so for the independent creators who were all lined up along the far walls. However I found the layout to be quite cool, like walking down the street window shopping.


Photo by Rob Schofield: George Perez signing

The guest list was very impressive with dozens of names that included Neal Adams, J Scott Campbell, Brian Bolland, Carlos Ezquerra and David Finch as the headliners. As mentioned there were a lot more from all publishers and era’s with all of them happy to sign and chat to fans. I myself had quite a few things to get signed and the most I waited was ten minutes. However anyone wanting to get current destroyer of Peter Parker, Dan Slot’s signature would queue for on average for two hours. This was pretty crazy for people just there for the day but I guess if you really want Superior Spider-Man #1 signed then so be it.

As mentioned there were a lot of independent creators this time and I felt amazed at the projects that were on display from established books to brand new ones the choice was endless and catered for everyone’s taste.


Among the featured publishers were Top Cow, Zenescope, 2000AD, Markosia and others. All these guys were out in force and seemed to be having a great time over the full weekend. The big difference was that DC, Marvel or IDW were nowhere to be seen and this seemed odd with this being the SUPER Comic Con. I hope for next year they bring them back in some form or other.

A huge improvement this year was the various stalls either comics or other cool merchandise. Some of the comic stalls had a great selection of back issues which my son had a great time filling in gaps from his Marvel collection. The prices were also not through the roof and kept at normal pricing which made them more attractive to the casual or new collector.
The other stalls were on good form with some selling comic themed clothing that ranged from t-shirts to aprons to pillows while others sold wall clocks made out of old Marvel and DC annuals. There were also a few stands selling some lovely pieces of artwork.

The various panels that were on were well attended but I still can’t help think that a lot of them were old news or had been rehashed from past cons. I know it is hard to be original but even on some of the panels that generally lasted an hour too much time was spent introducing the guests and not enough time discussing the actual topic.


Photo by Rob Schofield: Judge Dredd is discussed

A nice addition was the screening of Judge Minty which has been doing the convention circuit recently and gave a taste of what maybe the LSCC is missing. Films or Screenings!

As with all Cons the biggest visuals are the Cosplayers who were in full force the whole weekend. I love seeing what these creative bunch make and how much effort they put into it. This year was no exception and London did Cosplay proud.

Finally the atmosphere is key for any con to succeed and while it was not dull I would not say it was buzzing. It felt more like a party of someone who you know but didn’t know any of their friends so you felt a bit lost. This is not to say it was bad, quite the opposite in fact as I love the LSCC and want to see it grow more each year but please get the big publishers back and get some screenings in.

Oh and talking of Cosplay check these out.

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For more pics of the Cosplay go to the gallery HERE

GS Rating 3.5/5

Source: LSCC
Reporter: Montoya

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