EVENT REVIEW: London Super Comic Con Day 1

This weekend Geek Syndicate went to London Super Comic Con at the London Excel Centre. Undaunted by the fact this was their first year, the team behind the LSCC put together a strong line up  of big name creators that was topped off with the attendance of the legend that is Stan Lee.

There were various panels and Q&A’s throughout the two day event  that including talks by 2000AD, IDW and a Stan Lee panel on both days. There was also a Cos Play competition held on the Saturday which we’ll be taking a look at more closely in an upcoming post.

Exhibitors were set around the edge of the  hall, where you could expect to see publishers and various writers and artists were on hand selling, sketching and signing. For those looking to get feedback on their portfolios, there was a portfolio review booth which was manned by industry professionals from IDW. There was also a number of aisles dedicated to back issue comics and memorabilia including oil paintings signed by Stan Lee going for £1,150 which I think was a bargain. The LSCC was also place for smaller publishers and creators to sell and showcase their work.

Photo by Rob Schofield

Way before the doors opened on Saturday, the queues were already snaking their way through the Excel Centre and outside into the glorious sunshine. Soon after the show started fans were greeted to Stan Lee’s first appearance on the convention floor. His arrival was greeted with of cheers and applause as he sat down to start his signing sessions. In the queue were a diverse crowd of fans looking to get all manner of items signed, including one dedicated fan who had bought along a life-size replica of Captain America’s shield for Stan to sign.

As the day drew on I was able to attend a few of the panels which, for the most part, were not too busy allowing me to get a good spot to hear the panelists. This turned out to be a wise move as the sound from the microphones on the table were not that great. Adding to the problem was the fact that the stage was located directly under a main air conditioning vent which came on intermittently and made hearing the panels that little bit harder. Sound issues aside it did not spoil my enjoyment as I listened to the various speakers.

All the creators were on top form signing and sketching for the fans and there was a good atmosphere. The Cosplayers were not that great in numbers at the start of the day but as the afternoon approached more and more came out of the woodwork and all were happy to stop and pose for photos.

Photo by Rob Schofield

As you would expect the main events were the Stan Lee panels which you can see some of in a previous post HERE. Stan was everything you would expect from the living legend of the comics world. He was engaging, funny and a true gentleman who gave up his time for everyone.

Overall this was a good start for the London’s newest convention but there were some missed opportunities. There seemed to be a lot of underutilized space in main hall and it would have nice to see more booths or other attractions but instead the stalls were squeezed in one section to leaving a large open space. Thought also needs to be given  to the sound system in the stage area and maybe have a smaller stage area showcasing some of the cosplayers.

I know this is a comics-focused event but I can see this growing bigger next year and hope that they try to utilise other avenues of the comics industry. I’m not sure how they will top Stan Lee (suggestions in the comments below people!) but at least they got him here and helped bring a few thousand people’s dreams come true. A great beginning for the London Super Comic Con and I look forward to attending next year.














GS Reporter: Montoya

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    will stan be back next year? he could bring the avengers cast with him.


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