ABC Q&A: Clark Gregg Calls for Black Widow Movie

ABC studios held a Q&A in London on Monday and Geek Syndicate headed along to hear from the stars of How to Get Away With Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds and the new Agent Carter series. They answered a question from GS and Clark Gregg said the thing we’ve all been thinking.

A group of less than 20 people gathered for a Q&A with actors from some of ABC’s best shows on Monday evening. Questions from Facebook and the floor were asked, with topics ranging from the journey of a script, to diversity of characters in new shows.



The panel included Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), Clark Gregg (Agents of SHIELD), Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy), Mathew Grey Gubler (Criminal Minds), Matt McGory (How to Get Away with Murder) and Alfred Enoch (How to Get Away with Murder). Listen to the full Q&A below.

Given the recent issue with very little Black Widow in Age of Ultron toys, I asked about the lack of female representation in Marvel’s merch and whether Peggy’s new series would help change that problem. I could not have asked for a better answer.

I don’t know of it’s going to change it, but it certainly contributes to a positive step forward in my quiet revolution to take over the world!…It’s a conversation between the industry and the audience which is always an ongoing thing- industry is giving the audience what they want and vice versa. It’s a responsibility to the audience to speak out and to fight for what they want and I certainly feel that when Peggy came about, the audience waned to see more of her and find out more adventures and stories that she had to tell…It’s a fantastic time for women in television. There’s such a diverse mix there and amazing talent and I think that’s only going to move forward because that’s what the audience seems to want.

Hayley Atwell, Agent Carter

It’s unacceptable. When I try to get my daughter who’s thirteen now to watch the first season of Agents of Shield, she says “Dad, it’s a boy’s show.” Then she saw Elizabeth Henstridge playing a biotech genius, Chloe Bennet playing a computer genius, Adrienne Palicki playing a warrior and suddenly now she’s right beside me at every episode…Hopefully as soon as Agent Romanoff gets the stand alone film she deserves, then some of that merchandise will start to catch up.

Clark Gregg, Agent Coulson


So there you have it. Coulson wants that Black Widow movie just as much as we do. And while Peggy’s series could help push things forwards, looks like it’s ultimately up to the fans to kick Marvel in the right direction for more female merch.

So let’s see the girls and young women who want someone representing them. We have amazing Gamoras, Black Widows and Peggys, but they need to be on shop shelves in real life. Tweet or send us your photos using the hashtag #WhereTheWomenAt

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