CON REVIEW: Nor-Con, 8th Sept 2013, Norwich


Red Dwarf & Dr Who personnel, and tonnes of cos-play too!



The Norwich Sci Fi Convention is about enjoying all that is TV, Film, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Comics.  Like all good conventions, we have modeling, costuming, cos-play and much more. Most of all though, NOR-CON™ is a Charity Sci-Fi Convention, its main aim is to raise as much money as possible to donate to great causes, both locally and nation-wide.  NOR-CON™ itself takes a small percentage of the proceeds raised in order to pay for the next NOR-CON™ event and the rest is donated to charity. NOR-CON™ is now in its 4th successful year and has a growing reputation for an amazing day out, both with visitors to the event and with the celebrity guests who attend.  Traders return year after year again because of the great hospitality we show and believe makes NOR-CON™ one of the best science fiction conventions around.” – This years event was held at The Holiday Inn, Norwich North, near Norwich Airport.

Okay, so the first thing you need to know is that Nor-Con is a small show. It’s pretty much held in the space that you would use for a large wedding. But don’t dismiss it so easily – for an out-of-the-way part of the world that Anglia is, it’s not a bad little show. The most derisory word I heard all that day for it was pokey – that may be true, but everyone pulled together and really made an effort; and for an event that is held purely for charity it’s done with effort & enthusiasm.

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There’s a LOT of cos-play – I’d say that over half the people who were there just for the day turned up in costume; and plenty of event organisations – groups of die-hard fans who have invested blood, sweat, tears & cash into their geekdom, and who will happily turn up to the smallest even just to bring the magic to whoever turned up. And it was good quality – my children were stopping everyone from Spider-Man to the Na’vi, from Pepper Potts to Klingons, to have their photos taken. There was also a better selection of robots, movie props  and scale models than I’ve ever seen at any SFX Weekender, some really good R2’s, Daleks, Robbie, and the best 3PO I’ve ever seen close up. And in terms of guest – half the reason people turn up – there was a fair selection: Red Dwarf (Chris Barrie, Robert Llewellyn & Norman Lovett), Dr Who (Frazer Hines Sophie Aldred & Colin Baker), Farscape (Virgina Hey) – to name just a few.

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There was also an admirable amount of stalls & merchandise there too; some real bargains – I probably spent more there than I did in three years of the SFX Weekender (not including alcohol of course). First time I’d ever seen Dr Who Russian Dolls… this season’s must-have! The local car-park charges you £1 for the day, and there is a Maccy D’s about 200 yards away – it’s a short drive to other fast food outlets & pubs – I don’t recommend eating at the Holiday Inn as it was extortionate (and not a little crowded!). Ticket prices were Adults = £9.00
Children = £6.00 ( under 16’s), Under 5’s FREE, Family ticket ( 2x Adults and 3x Children) = £25.00

IMG00776-20130908-1052 IMG00779-20130908-1104

We visit Norfolk a lot, especially in the summer, so my take is this: would I travel all the way from London to Norwich for Nor-Con… probably not. Would I go there for half a day whilst I was in Norfolk on my hols… absolutely!

GS Rating: 3/5

Source: Nor-Con

GS Reporter: SilverFox

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