COUNTDOWN TO ABERTOIR: Full Schedule Released

I’ve already given you the Top 10 entertainments that I’m looking forward to at the Abertoir Horror Festival this year.  Now I can finally announce that the Full Schedule has been released, including days and times for every show.

Even if you can’t make the full six day event, you can at least plan to see which days you most want to attend.  Looks like the cream of the crop has been saved for the weekend, but there are some pretty good happenings during the week too.

I’m gutted by some of the scheduling because, unlike some lucky so-and-sos, I couldn’t get the whole week off work.  That means I’m going to miss Quatermass And The Pit on the big screen, along with Brad Dourif’s Last Kind Words.

Worse!  I can’t really justify staying up to ridiculous o’clock three nights running for Danger 5 either.  Lucky for everyone, I’ve tracked down the one place in the world you can get hold of a DVD – HERE.  I wonder what the exchange rate is of pounds to Australian dollars…?

Stuff it, I’ll put on my puppy dog eyes – that can be my other Christmas present 😀

Reporter: Dion Winton-Polak

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