Demoncon 5 Comic Convention Sunday 17th March

demonconposterThis weekend sees the welcome return of the Demoncon.


I know the title sounds like a lost episode of Buffy but the Demoncon is in fact a Comic convention organised by the Grinning Demon Comic Shop down in Maidstone in Kent. The event is held at the Exchange studio on Sunday 17th March 2013.

This year sees the convention’s biggest list of nearly fifty artists, writers and other guests. Admission is £6 and you can pre-order  tickets though the Grinning Demon website for only £5. Pre-Ordered tickets allow for early entry  (10.30am instead of 11am. The con will also be holding a raffle which some lovely prizes including exclusive artwork, comics, cinema tickets as well as a 27″ x 41″ giant poster from  Iron Man 3. Proceeds from the raffle will be going to raise money to buy books for local schools.

I will be there selling and showing off all things from the world of Unseen Shadows, including a first look at some of the new projects being worked on so swing by and say hi if your attending. I’m very excited to be attending for the second time as my first experience of the con was a great one. Also the guys behind the con went that crazy extra mile to make sure their exhibitors were happy with going round taking lunch orders, bringing coffee orders to your table etc. It really made the con feel like you were just hanging out with a load of your mates oh and selling some bits as well.

If your in Maidstone on Sunday and are a fan of comics then I would definitely recommend you swing by. Here’s a list of the guests in attendance.

  1. Marc Laming
  2. Dave Stokes
  3. Ian Sharman
  4. David Wynne
  5. Holly Rose
  6. Gibson Grey
  7. Yel Zamor
  8. David Frankum
  9. Jack Lawrence
  10. Dean Beattie
  11. Andrew Cheverton
  12. Deano Peppers
  13. Garen Ewing
  14. Owen Watts
  15. Grant Perkins
  16. Jane Straw
  17. Games Workshop
  18. Robert Wells
  19. Dan Abnett
  20. Lance Manley
  21. Paul Rose
  22. Steve Penfold
  23. Dan Thompson
  24. Barry Nugent
  25. Phillip Jackson
  26. Chris Phillips
  27. James Ravensmith
  28. Jon Lock
  29. Cy Dethan
  30. Nic Wilkinson
  31. Pete Mason
  32. Phil Buckenham
  33. Christian Wildgoose
  34. Dan Boultwood
  35. Torz Dervisoglu & Rachel Palmer
  36. Peter Anckorn
  37. Shelley Rapley
  38. Thomas Gibson
  39. Conor Boyle
  40. Lizzie Boyle
  41. Grainne Mcentee
  42. Matt Rooke
  43. Jon Scrivens
  44. Andy Clift
  45. Robin Price
  46. Mike Garley
  47. Martin Simmonds
  48. Michael Stock
  49. Eva Perkins

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Grinning Demon



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