Merlin Panel from MCM Expo 2009

Unsusally for us Barry and I kept quiet during the Merlin panel at this years expo because we were looking forward to asking our questions in the press Q+A in a much smaller room with less people.  However the BBC in their wisdom slapped an embargo on it claiming they didn’t want thir stars to give anything about the next season away.  However this was in complete denial of the fact that they had just allowed their stars to do an hour long panel andf then had issued us with a press release that gave away stuff for the next season.  Go figure!

Angel Coulby (Gwen), Katie McGrath (Morgana) Colin Morgan (Merlin) Bradley James(Arthur)

Angel Coulby (Gwen), Katie McGrath (Morgana) Colin Morgan (Merlin) Bradley James(Arthur)

However we did record the panel which along with the above cast had script editor Polly Buckle and Producer Johnny Capps. Oh and lots and lots of screaming girls.  This panel was definetly teens choice and let me warn you to watch your ears at the beginning of the recording as the girls go crazy.  You may from time to time hear me chuckling at the unbridled enthusiasm of the people around me.

So sit back, download and enjoy.

Merlin Panel

GS Reporter: Monts

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  1. very nice, especially katie McGrath

    • Yasin /

      Katie McGrath is so buff i wish i could see her in real life

  2. susi /

    Actually Colin more height than Bradley, it is right?

  3. veron /

    the play is wonderful especially the relationship between Arthur and Gwen.i luv them both

  4. Janice Jane /

    I love Colin Morgan,He is soooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jayne /

      I completly agree….hansome chap isnt he xx

    • emilie /

      I am of the same opinion as you! lol!

  5. Gav /

    i LOVE this tv series!

  6. Folake Adesalu /

    Bradley James is just sooooooooooooooo handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Katie Mcgrath u guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Opeyemi Haruna /

    I love this series, it’s the combination of combination of comedy, action, love, etc…Colin Morgan rocks!

  8. arithea /

    it is just so amazing,i love it and can’t wait for season four

  9. j’adore cette serie


  11. Wande /

    Colin Morgan could turn you to mush and I love Katie McGarth

  12. edun /

    you guys are just tooooooooooooooooooo much

  13. I love this series! i’m just about to start on season 3! 🙂

  14. Matt Medo /

    Katie is so beautiful…love her evil face 🙂

  15. All the seasons are beautiful and amazing. I’m so in love with all these series especially you guys a lot….

  16. inesa /

    i love all you guys!especially bradley!i love him very much!

  17. Arzu /

    I Love YoU Bradley James.. <3 <3 <3 I'm From Turkeyy

  18. yalda /

    i love you bradly iam from iraaaaaaaaaaaan

  19. sajid /

    i like your acting it is really coolll !!!!!!!!

  20. maryam /

    i love you colin morgan i’m from iran

  21. Deriwa Sunday /

    Gwen is too mush

  22. Hello… I rarely watch such type of serials, but “The Adventures of Merlin” is the best one I have ever seen, really.

  23. maysam /

    love youuuu

  24. i love u so much,collin.u r simply d best.the sky is ur starting point.

  25. samuel arua /

    I love you especially angel coulby. You are really adorable

  26. hey brad u rock and colin you r one cute guy… katie u rock… Angel ur amazing… luv u all… by the way am a big fun of ur tv series i luv it….

  27. Hamna /

    i looveeee coollliinn morgaan soo much!!!! katie looks fab!! Arthur rocks!! im a huuge fan of Merlin!!!

  28. best movie… i love you so much katie McGrath

  29. fatima /

    i love colin morgam

  30. Betul /

    All of you wonderful 🙂
    good luck …: )

  31. sumah /

    you really killing me guys.

  32. Dickson /

    All of you guy have great talents.your movie is wonderfull,i really wish i were a part of it, although i still doubt if i can act as you guys. We are eager to see season5. I just named my newly born nephew-“Merlin”.my appreciations goes to you all,especially:Merlin,Authur,Morgana,Gwen,Gaius and the Knights of Camelot. Thanks, Dickson from Cameroon.please send me updates about the movie.

  33. i love MERLiN soooo much!! u guys r0ck! We love u CoLin morgan ur sooooooo charming,funny and cute!!! wish we cud see u n person..=)

  34. Adeleke Gift /

    Can’t wait 2 see season 5.

  35. Sam /

    I love Merlin!! The Episodes are so unique! its Funny,Adventrouse, Magic in its just wow!! Loving it!!

  36. davis /

    Can’t wait 2 see season 5. I love you especially angel coulby. You are really adorable

  37. Aizza /

    Can’t wait to watch season 5. It is a popular serie in my country, Malaysia! Bradley, u are gorgeous!

  38. marishields /

    i love bradley and colin morgan!!!!! they are so funny!!!!!i love merlin!!!i’m from quebec in canada

  39. Andreia /

    I love Merlin and I just want to get through the day to see
    They make a fantastic team think a grace all the way but especially Merlin and Arthur
    I’m from Portugal

  40. Ewala Terence /

    hey guys i just wish i could get in touch with you guys,you are so wonderful

  41. gwen(angle coulby) u rock i admire u ur so beautiful,u guyz rock …………i luv merlin series so much,i cnt wait 4 season 5………

  42. Auwal /

    woooooowwwwww I love you morgana

  43. fatima kandeh /

    i luv u guys gwen i hope u get married to arthur u perfectly match n continue ur work outside d film merlin cause they perfectly match

  44. bradley james is sexy

  45. Merlin is the very best TV series I have ever watched. Merlin’s poster is sitting right next to me as I write this. I just love the series. I love Arthur’s good Heart, Merlin’s spirit, Gwen’s smile but dislike Morgana’s evil face though innocent. Angel, are you surprised someone from Kano, Nigeria loves you? Well, don’t be. I am ‘enchanted’ by your beauty and am afraid only the use of sorcery can disenchant me and don’t know what my fate would be should Uther Pendragon finds out

  46. Mohammad reza /

    first: i live in Iran. & I love this tv series so is wonder ful .I cant w8 for next episode.
    and tahank you guys .i love all of you specially u Angel.

  47. VIRGINIA KET said
    i really lov that tv series alot….u guys are amazing.bradley n angel u match alot.luv u guys

  48. emilie /

    I love colin morgan and he loves me! I’m sorry for all the girls who love but now it’s me that chose

  49. Gbubemi udonju /

    I love u all, as far as merlin is involved, collins, james, katie, angel and Adetonmiwa Edun, God bless u. Gbebemi from Nigeria

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