Star Wars Identities – An Exhibition Coming to the O2 In November

Star Wars Identities The Exhibition COMING TO THE O2, NOVEMBER 2016

Star Wars Identities The Exhibition tickets will be going on sale for the London O2 for its November 2016 instillation.

Star Wars Identities

I think it’s become pretty clear that I am very much into Star Wars; the original films watched countless times throughout my childhood, supplemented by VHS copies of various Star Wars cartoon spin offs, random merchandise scattered around our home like plastic place mats, toys, bubble bath, clothing and even a Princess Leia toothbrush. When the (in my opinion, childhood destroying) `digitally remastered` trilogy got cinematic released we as a family excitedly went to watch them all, same went for the (terrible) prequel films. One thing my siblings and I liked to do was make up our Star Wars names, we would usually do one of the playground versions were you take various letters from various names or places and then we would call each other by those names for the rest of the day. It was fun thinking up our names and then coming up with who we would be in that galaxy far, far away, which is why it’s so cool that the Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition is coming to the London O2 this November, with tickets going on sale at the end of this month.

Star Wars Identities

The poster art for Star Wars Identities is pretty amazing

The ground breaking exhibition will explore the fascinating idea of identity through the character of Star Wars and includes an exclusive collection, 200 piece strong, of props, costumes, models and artwork from the films from the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

Star Wars Identities

Some of the props and costumes on show

Visitors to Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition will become immersed in an interactive quest to find who their own unique Star Wars persona is thanks to the amazing scientific content of the exhibition. The team behind this includes experts in the fields of genetics, neuropsychology and psychology (and if there’s another way to guarantee my undivided attention, it’s by throwing in a buttload of SCIENCE)

The guys behind the exhibition have this to say about said science and Star Wars awesomeness:

“The Components of Identity

Working with the Montréal Science Centre and a committee of scientific advisors, exhibition

developers of STAR WARS Identities divided the study of identity into three major themes: the origins of the characters, the influences that shape them, and the choices they make during their life. Within these three themes, ten components of human identity are explored: species, genes, parents, and culture in Origins; mentors, friends, and marking events in Influences; and occupation, personality, and values in the final zone, Choices.

These components form the backbone of the exhibition, exploring the complex notion of identity both in the real world and in creative fiction. Original content throughout the exhibition will shed light on each of the components of identity; simultaneously, “making-of” featurettes explore the stories behind the development of many iconic Star Wars characters, explaining how they became who they are, and showing how different creative choices could have made them different characters altogether”


Star Wars Identities

Han and Leia, just chillin’

At Star Wars Identities visitors will go on a redefined exhibition experience where you’ll get to rediscover the most iconic characters from the films, as well as learn more about the colourful people and aliens we see making up the rest of the universe. You’ll also get to get up close to the costumes, props and the art work that gives fans a fascinating insight to the creation and production of the characters. Visitors will experience Star Wars in a way they’ve never been able to before.

Star Wars Identities

More of the classic costumes we know and love form the films

Star Wars Identities was developed and produced by Montreal’s X3 Productions in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd., and will place the visitor at the centre of the exhibition experience with an interactive identity quest that spans the duration of the visit. Closely interwoven with the collection and the educational content, this unique interactive experience will use technology to help visitors of all ages create their own personal and original Star Wars identity by incorporating elements of their own identity with fictional elements. Visitors will then leave with their own unique character inspired by the Star Wars universe and with a deeper understanding of the exhibition’s central theme.

Star Wars Identities

Considering the theme of the exhibition is based not only around Star Wars but also genetics and, our choices shape us as people and finding out who you are, this would be a great day out for a family. Even if the identity concept of the exhibition isn’t your thing any film or Star Wars fan will enjoy getting to see the amazing props, models and fantastic artwork on show.


Tickets will be on sale beginning 30 September. For complete schedule and ticket information, visit or


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