The V For Vendetta Stage Play Comes to the Sci-Fi Weekender

v_for_vendetta-wallpaper-1600x900Anyone who listens to the Geek Syndicate podcast will know that Dave and I mentioned hearing about a V for Vendetta stage play that was doing the rounds in Manchester. Well it seems that anyone attending the Sci-Fi Weekender ( 1-3 March)will get to see first hand just how well a V for Vendetta stage play will work as it will be performed during the weekender.

The news was confirmed by Dez Skinn the man behind Starburst Magazne who have now joined forces with the event organisers to put on several of the Saturday night events.

“there’ll be a live play of V for Vendetta (saw it in Manchester over the weekend and booked ’em for the Weekender!). Brilliant show, much closer to the original than the film and works really fab as a theatrical production.” explains Dez.

Also Dez gave as some insight into who will be hitting the DJ decks before the now legendary weekender slot by Craig Charles.

‘Professor Elemental will be doing a Saturday night set (chap-hop, don’t you know) before Craig Charles hits the decks.’

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Sci-fi Weekender

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