Steve Jackson and Ian Livingston Headline at Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014

As a kid I struggled with playing Dungeons and Dragons as there weren’t many of my mates that were A) into it and B) could be bothered to do all the work required to be an effective Dungeon Master. All of that changed when I picked up the Warlock of Firetop Mountain Fighting Fantasy game book. Here was both a novel and a D & D solo game rolled into one! All I needed to descend into the dangers that awaited within the prose was a steady heart, a furtive imagination, dice and a pencil. I quickly realised that I also needed a streak of honesty a mile wide to stop myself from ‘winning’ every battle I found myself in.

Over the years my fantasy library grew and expanded as did the genres the novels covered. In one book I was a starship traveller kicking ass throughout the cosmos and later I became the Silver Crusader, using my superpowers to protect the folks of Titan City at the roll of a dice.

What’s great about these books is that the digital age hasn’t slowed these stories down one bit with many of the titles coming out as apps and making use of their features.


The Starship Traveller App from Tinman Games

Fans, like me, therefore  will be pleased to know that the first Fighting Fantasy Fest, a convention dedicated to the Fighting Fantasy series is being held on Sunday 7th September 2014. Fighting Fantasy guru’s Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone will be guests of honour at the event which will take place at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Ealing, West London. Other guests include fantasy artists Russ Nicholson, Chris Achilleos and Tony Hough. The event promises panels, signings,dealers,game demos and even a special auction of items from the Jackon and Livingstone Personal archives

Fighting Fantasy Fest will see the official launch of Jonathan Green’s YOU ARE THE HERO – A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, along with an exhibition of rare FF memorabilia – including original artwork and other more obscure artefacts connected to the series – as well as trade stands, and an auction of Fighting Fantasy treasures. Arion Games will be running Advanced Fighting Fantasy role-playing game sessions during the day, while Tin Man Games and Inkle Studios will also be in attendance, talking about their digital versions of such classic gamebooks as Ian Livingstone’s The Forest of Doom and Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! epic.

“The success of the YOU ARE THE HERO Kickstarter project demonstrated that there is still an active community of Fighting Fantasy fans out in the world who would relish the chance to not only meet their heroes, but to get together and share their stories of battling the horrors of Deathtrap Dungeon or braving the perils of Kharé – Cityport of Traps,” says Jonathan Green, author of the History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, “ideally whilst quaffing a flagon of ale in Port Blacksand’s infamous Black Lobster Tavern.” (The event will even feature a themed bar!)

Ticket’s are on sale now and are £50 each and every ticket holder will earn themselves an Adventurer’s Backpack containing all sorts of goodies!

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