Defenders of the Triforce – Zelda Escape Room Coming to London

Escape rooms are interactive events in which a team of people solve puzzles in order to get out within a specified time limit. They are always themed – Scientist’s lab, Collapsing building, psychopath’s dungeon and so on and are a great fun way to spend an hour or so. Since I am an introvert who doesn’t particularly like going out unless he has to, that is high praise indeed.

The Legend of Zelda is a highly popular video game franchise in which a plucky young hero fights his way through enemies and puzzles to defeat an evil and save the world.


This year, these two concepts are colliding as a Legend of Zelda themed escape room (actually more of an escape environment by the sound of it) in Defenders of the Triforce. The room has been travelling around the United States and arrives in Europe – including London this Summer. Here’s the official lowdown:

Defeat The Darkness. Find The Master Sword!


Golden triangles that grant the wish of whomever touches them: this sacred relic is known as the “Triforce™.” The Triforce was left behind by the Golden Goddesses after they created the realm now known as Hyrule, then sealed away so that none would be tempted to use it.


That is, until the Great King of Evil, Ganondorf, used his dark powers to steal the Triforce for himself. Responding to his unending ambition, darkness has begun to cover the land. If left unchecked, Hyrule will soon be completely controlled by evil.


There is only one way to escape from this terrible fate: find the legendary Master Sword.


It is up to you and your team to become “Defenders of the Triforce,” ally with Princess Zelda and the inhabitants of Hyrule, and obtain the Master Sword.


The survival of Hyrule Kingdom rests on your shoulders.


Your adventure begins now.

The Defenders of the Triforce escape room event is being held at the Islington Assembly Hall in London over July 14th – 16h 2017. There are five sessions each day and up to 160 people will be in each session in teams of six people. According to the event web site, the team’s will not interact and groups may be split amongst different teams depending on the number of people booked in – so bear that in mind if you intend to go with friends.

You can find out more on the official web site.

Source: ScrapZelda
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