Ever wanted to be Buffy…no that wasn’t a trick question

Well I've got a kick ass comic so maybe a game could work...maybe.


According to the guys at Marketwatch (really it was sfx but the real story is on marketwatch) a Buffy MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) is being developed. Now on the face of it I think there’s potential for a pretty decent MMO you can play as slayer kicking Vamp ass and looking hot whilst doing it. The thing is with MMO or at least those I’ve played is that they always start of fun but after a while they can get a bit samey and then you start to resent th fact that your paying a monthly fee to play the same game types over and over again. On saying that taking on missions and bad guys as part of a team is ace(as I discovered in City of Heroes) so that is a definate plus point if the Buffy MMO follows the same pattern. You can have your very own personal scooby gang.

Great idea or cooperate cash in?…time will tell. I would be interested to hear just how much involvement Joss Wheedon has with this project or whether he’s just letting them get on with it.

My only question is can I get to create a watcher character like Giles. You then partner up a watch with a Slayer, that would be cool.

GS Reporter: The Nuge

Source:  Marketwatch

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  1. You always did strike me as the Watcher type.

    I’m not as excited about this news as I would have been a couple of years ago. I’ve become a bit jaded where MMOs are concerned since they are all hack and slash / shoot and zap grind fests. Bring back more thinky games like SW: Galaxies of old says I. Still keep playing the blooming things though.

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