Exclusive Clip from Sci-Fi Thriller Outpost 11

outpost 11posterNew thriller Outpost 11 directed by Anthony Woodley is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray. After it premiers at this year’s Raindance Festival, this coming Friday (27 September), expect to see the DVD in shops and online from 30 September, through 101 Films, an independent film label.

Outpost 11 is a steampunk thriller starring Billy Clarke (Hunger), Luke Healy (The Football Factory) and Bernard Hill (The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Game of Thrones). It features an isolated army which is stationed in the Arctic. It features a live altering decision. It features giant Arctic spiders. Said to be in the mould of The Thing, it is a film of paranoia and madness. It has also been compared with Buried and Evil Dead.

In this clip, we see hints of pressure and claustrophobia as the red emergency lighting offers glimpses of characters. Is that something on his hand? What is he doing? Is that banging on the soundtrack, or in the station? All very tense.

Find out more about the film and its Raindance showing here: http://raindancefestival.org/films/outpost-11/

Look out for a review of the film very soon, and buy it here, should it tickle your fancy:

Reporter: Ian Simpson

Source: Outpost 11


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