EXCLUSIVE GS interview with No Heroics star Claire Keelan

With the second episode of the new Superhero comedy No Heroics fast approaching we were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Claire Keelan. In the show Claire plays Sarah aka Electroclash, who has the abilty to control machines with her voice.



Claire Keelan aka Electroclash



Here’s some more infomation on Claire taken From the ITV website…

Claire starred in the comedy TV film Perfect Day which proved so successful it paved the way for a prequel, Perfect Day: The Millennium and also a sequel Perfect Day: The Funeral. Claire’s other TV credits include Sorted, the BBC drama from Danny Brocklehurst, as well as the sitcom How Not To Live Your Life and long running ITV drama, The Bill.

She has had roles in several films, including the British comedy A Cock and Bull Story starring actor and comedian Steve Coogan and most recently the thriller Hush.

Hi Claire, many thanks for agreeing to answer some questions about your role in ‘No Heroics’. A little bit of background about yourself Claire. How did you get into acting in the first place?

I’d always loved writing plays as a kid and used to torture my family with them, mostly my poor little sister who I would dress up, cover in make up and drag round in boxes etc, she was more mime really as I never gave her any lines, kept them all for me! When I left home having finished my A levels I joined various fringe productions, and the royal court youth theatre and slogged away til it finally paid off with the role of Claire Ashcroft in a show called Nathan Barley.

A comedy about superheroes is an unsual premise and might not be every actor’s cup of tea. What attracted you this role in the first place?

The idea really. I felt it was unlike a alot of other things out there and seemed to me to be more of a parody of our celebrity culture. I’ve always enjoyed superhero films and was obsessed with superman as a kid. Electroclash is a great female character to play, as she’s so healthily irreverent in a world of skewed values.

Who do you see No Heroic’s being aimed at? Just comic fans or do you see it appealing to a wider audience?

I think it appeals to fans and non fans alike. I’m a bit uneducated in Comic book culture and I found myself most enjoying the fun references to comic book heroes transposed into everyday life. 

How would you describe the character of Sarah aka Electroclash and do you share any of her traits?

Sarah on the surface appears quite cool although there are ripples going on underneath, issues with her parents etc, In spite of this she manages in the main to keep it together. What you see is what you get with Sarah, she makes no apologies for who she is. She has a healthy cynicism of the world around her, this is a trait I would say I shared although it’s never led me to ignore a man being shot because of a preoccupation for muffins and ciggies!

What do you like about Sarah and conversely what really annoys you about her?

Being a blue blood hero, I enjoyed her antipathy toward her heritage. Much like the modern day royals she uses inebriation as a tool to deal with the pointlessness of it all. This is something I both like and dislike about her. She’s only half way there. I enjoyed her sense of fun, especially in ep 2 with Jack Rabbit. I think she would be a good laugh on a night out. 

In the show Sarah is not a great fan of having to wear her Electroclash costume out in public. What were your first thoughts when you saw the costume you would have to wear for the role?

Please dear god let that be Nick’s! Then after a six week starvation diet – philosophical

Did you do any research (i.e read a stack of comics or watch a few superhero movies) for the role and if so how much?

Most of the work was was spent unearthing her fallible human side. Then just picked Drew’s comic emporium of a brain for all the references needed.

Having laughed myself silly at the episode in which you and Sheforce go to a fanmeet. How would you feel, if given the chance, about doing the convention circuit?

Think it would be fun. Would hope to deal with it better that Electroclash!

Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

 Just finished filming an episode of Survivors for the BBC, a remake of the show from the seventies. I played a very pregnant virus survivor, who has a rough trot, don’t want to give too much away! Needless to say quite a big departure from Electroclash. I’m also deep in the throws of finally finishing a script I’ve been writing for what seems like forever, which I’m very much enjoying.

Thanks again for your time Claire and best of luck with the Series!

Thank you, hope you enjoy!

No Heroics, Thursdays at 10.30pm on ITV2

Catch episode 1 Online (UK only I’m afriad)









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