EXCLUSIVE: Cover of Steampunk Graphic Novel ‘Clockwork Watch: The Arrival’

Check out the front cover of the upcoming graphic novel Clockwork Watch: The Arrival.

Some stunning art on display here from cover artist Jennie Gyllblad, who also handled the interior art duties on the graphic novel. I’ve had a sneak peek of the comic and I can confirm that the interior art is of just as high a standard as the cover.

Clockwork Watch: The Arrivall is available to pre-order now from the Clockwork Watch website and will be launched at the Bristol Comic Expo in May.

The Arrival is the first part of a three volume steampunk tale set in Victorian England which is only a small part of the ClockWatch Transmedia universe. Learn more about what the Clockwork Watch team are up to by checking out their blog.

London 1899. Steam billows out from every corner of the city while huge Zeppelin airships float in the sky overhead. Enter the world of Clockwork Watch, a place where Victorian values are coupled with anachronistic technology, not least of which are the clockwork servants – the mechanical slaves that keep this society ticking along – this is the world of Steampunk.

Technological and social change is in the air – the science behind the clockworks is advancing and human-clockwork hybridisation is the talk of the town; the clockworks are becoming more human, but not all humans are as human as they think they are.

Set against this world, the Department for the Advancement of Sciences works on the newest ‘clock’ upgrades, whilst Her Majesty’s Clockwork Watch, a Gestapo-like organisation, monitors the clockwork servant population with a vigilance bordering on hostility.

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