Expendables 2 Writer for Masters Of the Universe Reboot!

It’s Masters Of The Universe time again as Variety reports that Expendables 2 co-writer Richard Wenk will be writing this reboot of the popular 80’s toy line/terrible live action adaptation.  Writer Wenk is proving popular of late, with Expendables 2 a massive hit and his script for  The Equalizer starring Denzil Washington heading onto production.

Yes He Man, Man At Arms & Teela will return once again to take on the evil might of er, Evil-Lyn, Beast Man and of course main bad guy Skeletor.  Oddly whilst the TV show finished in 2005 and no major adaptations having come down the line, the toy line proves to be endearingly popular.  The only slight downer is that rights holder Sony has tapped up director Jon M Chu for the hot seat, he of the less than inspiring GI Joe Retaliation and Step Up 3D fame.
The film is expected to be a 2014 release.
Source: Variety 
GS Reporter: Phil Hobden 

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