EXTRA EXTRA! Spider-Men Sequel is a Go

spider men logoThis summer had a fair few blockbuster moments in the Marvel Comics world. Not least because two superhero teams collided over a fiery all-powerful bird creature.

The other major Marvel event that didn’t exactly go unnoticed was the Spider-Men miniseries. In that five issue series, penned by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Sara Pichelli, two parallel universes collided and Peter Parker from the mainstream Marvel U came face to face with his counterpart Miles Morales, the new Ultimate Spider-Man.

The series was both a critical success and a solid seller, playing to the strengths of the two unique core characters. Ever since the series ended fans – and this writer – have been clamouring for more. Yesterday, in a single word response from the writer himself, Brian Michael Bendis, a sequel was promised to one Twittering fan.

The post, below, suggests that a sequel to the series is planned but nothing else was disclosed regarding when, why, and what will happen. Marvel has yet to release an official statement to clarify or follow up the news.

@Scott_comics@BRIANMBENDIS are we going to see a spidermen 2 series????????” Yes

The Spider-Men miniseries was launched as part of the Spider-Man 50th Anniversary celebrations last year. The story ended on a mild cliffhanger where Peter Parker, back home in the mainstream Marvel Universe, decides to web search “Miles Morales” and gets a shocking (but unseen) result. It will be one hell of a task to coordinate this series given the current new (Superior) Spider-Man status quo.

Source: Brian M. Bendis Twitter
Reporter: Dean Simons

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