Extra VIP Seats for Stan Lee at LSCC This Weekend

 The folks at London Super Comic Con have just announced some great news for those wanting to meet Stan Lee.

Getting Stan Lee to come over was an amazing coup for the first ever London Super Comic Con and with that came the opportunity to get up close and personal with the man himself. Today LSCC have just announced that there are now more VIP tickets!

We have worked on improving the panel room such that we are able to provide additional Stan Lee VIP Tier 2 tickets on both Saturday and Sunday without impacting on the existing availability for other attendees.

Each Stan Lee VIP Tier 2 ticket gives the holder:
– Early access to the convention on the day of the ticket – i.e. from 9.30am rather than 10am.
– the opportunity to get one item signed in the Stan Lee Signing Sessions on that day
– a limited edition print
– a guaranteed seat at the Stan Lee panel if holder arrives before 3.55pm

These tickets will be available on a first come first served basis. To give a fair chance to everyone we are announcing the availability today (Thursday) of tickets that will be available for sale from 10am on Friday 24th February.  Good luck to all.

Source: London Super Comic Convention
GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. I’ve been sitting on the site hoping to pick up some of these tickets, they either sold out in a fraction of a second or they didn’t put them up at 10am

  2. Beth /

    Hey is anyone else having a problem trying to get hold of these extra tickets? I got the same email but they don’t seem to have gone on sale yet.

  3. Beth /

    Sorry just found out they sold out in 20 seconds…bum

  4. Richard Borman /

    Did anyone get any of these? RB

  5. Ben Burton /

    anyone get the extra vip tickets? been trying all morning but they haven’t shown.

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