FAN FILM REVIEW: Full Length ‘Joker Rising’ (Rough Cut)

The Joker


We all love a good fan-film, and this one is not bad at all.

Fan films are always hard to review. Your first instinct is to cut the makers a little slack as, well – they are not professionals with studio budgets are they. In this instance, we were approached by the director of a new full length film called Joker Rising – about the dark origins of the Joker. We were warned that “it is dark, unflinching and at times unnerving.”

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In essence, this is a prequel or origin story to The Dark Knight‘s Joker. Cyrus is  small time hood, who is not particularly humourous or at ease with him – we follow his stunted rise as organised crime enforcer, until he is ultimately betrayed by those around him and his untimely demise plotted. What tips him off the deep-end is the death of his lady-love, and the road to revenge which arrives at Heath Ledger’s Mr J.

Before I go into what I didn’t like, then me first dole out the accolades: the soundtrack to this film is brilliant – really top-notch! The cinematography and editing are both excellent quality – the team at the that end of the production can feel justifiably proud of themselves. In terms of the effect, they actually handled The Batman very well, and his few scenes are excellent – long enough to get some decent fighting, bullet dodging and wire-zipping in, but brief enough that you couldn’t possibly try to form an opinion of his portrayal – 10/10 there, guys. In general, the acting was admirable, with the Oscar going the scar-faced, freaky-eyed mentor who shows Cyrus the gangland ropes.

As for the Joker himself… tricky… Up until after the point that Cyrus is betrayed, mutilated and discovers that his beloved has been killed, the storyline is pretty much in line with what you might think preceded The Dark Knight. However, it’s his descendancy into sociopathy that didn’t register with me. Some scenes were very much in keeping with the vein of The Dark Knight; in others he was in very much in the Jack Nicholson mould. And despite some soundly written script, this was not a Joker who wanted to see the world burn.

So let me cut to the chase: if like me, you’ve stopped watching a lot of late night films on the SyFy channel that they laughably try to pass off as genre entertainment, this film is worth an hour & twenty minutes of anyone’s time. The makers also informed us that they “intend to turn this into a full length trilogy unlike anything before it and are looking for help in getting the word out… if you are interested in investing, check the link at Kickstarter. Investing starts at a $1 – $500 will get you a bit part… might be worth a punt!?!

GS Reporter: SilverFox

GS Rating: 3/5

Source: YouTube

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