Fanatical Seeks to Bring a Musical About Geekdom to Life

Not many people know this about me (or they do and just aren’t telling me) but I’m a massive musical fan. I don’t love all musicals but a old school ones like Singing in the Rain, The Wiz, High Society or more recently The Greatest Showman are my jam. Now in the land of geekdom musicals have managed to carve out a tidy little niche for itself from Buffy’s Once More with Feeling episode (still doing great guns as a singalong on the con circuit) to Doctor Horrible’s Singalong blog. Recently even the Flash and Supergirl got in on the action with their musical team up episode.

Now flash back to earlier this week when I was sent an email by Neil Marcus, the producer of a very interesting project seeking funding on Indie Gogo. The project is called Fanatical and it’s a musical, which at its heart is a celebration of geekdom. The story of the musical is centered around a band of plucky and passionate fans out to organise the best sci-fi convention ever to celebrate the cult comic and TV show Angel 8.

In a distant Galaxy – the ragtag misfit crew of cargo ship Angel 8 are under the command of fearless pilot Iris Aucht. 
Meanwhile…at a conference centre, somewhere in England – a ragtag misfit collection of 1,000 fans gather from all across the UK for Eight Con One, the first ever official convention of the cult TV show Angel 8.
Angel 8 started as a comic created by reclusive British Sci-fi author Scott Furnish. Its first TV outing ended on a shocking cliffhanger. With eager anticipation at the promise of a second series, these enthusiastic devotees have come together to celebrate their beloved series and to meet Scott face-to-face and hear his keynote speech. (artwork attached)
Fanatical is about being true to oneself, finding love against the odd ,and snatching triumph from the jaws of disaster – proving that no power in the universe can keep a story from its fans.

The musical stars Suanne Braun (Stargate SG-1, Mamma Mia, Onassis, Red Dwarf) and behind scenes is a collaboration of US playwright Reina Hardy and UK composer and lyricist Matt Board.  If the project hits its funding target it will premiere at The Playground Theatre in West London in November.

I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what to think about the project. I mean I loved the idea but this sort of undertaking is going to rise or fall on the strength of the songs and the performers. I then listened to one of the performances from the funding video and I knew I had to do my bit to promote this project. Put simply I fell in love with the song, which is called You Should See her Fly that is brought to life by the impressive lyrical talents of Izuka Hoyle. Her performance combined with the lyrics really condense down what it means to be a geek and be in love with that show,comic, book or whatever. Think I’m joking? have a listen.


This is closely followed by ‘Look What I made’ Performed by Akiya Henry, Maimuna Memon & George Rae which shows off the love of creativity shared by all us geeks. There are a number of creators out there that will see themselves in this song.

Once again this is the strength of crowd funding as it gives niche projects like Fanatical a chance to step into a limelight usually reserved for projects with big budgets or that happen to be in the collective zeitgeist at the time.

Watching the performers you can see the passion and talent for the project. I really hope this show gets it’s funding as I believe this will be a great celebration of all things geek.

To find out how you can help out this very interesting project and some of the perks available for support head over to the Fanactical Indie Gogo page. You can also follow the project and share the campaign on Twitter using @FanaticalTweets | #FanaticalAboutFanatical

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