Fantastic Four #587 – Review (Spoilers)

It has been a week now since a member of the Fantastic Four died saving the universe! So let’s go back and take a closer look at the issue.

Now it’s quite a jam packed issue so here is a summary of events that turns out is longer then I had planned!

Sue is currently under the sea mediating talks between Namor and the lost tribes. Reed is on Nu-Earth trying to save the population from a very angry Galactus. And Johnny, a depowered Ben and the Kids are in the Baxter building trying to figure out how to stop the armies of the insects’ crossing over from the negative zone.

In the Baxter Building Franklin is able to use his powers after leech is knocked out and he manages to defeat the first wave of baddies with ease. The problem now is that the shield won’t hold much longer and then nothing will be able to stop them from destroying the universe. Johnny, Ben and some of the kids go through to the negative zone to seal the entrance up.

Meanwhile back on Nu-Earth, Reed is racing to save the population! It turns out the collective consciousness has been “downloaded” into one person who Reed and the other saviours manage to save.

Back in the depths of the ocean Sue is in deep trouble! She is trying to save the peace talks after Namor screwed them up. As the “Ul-Oyt” she is now the ruler of the lost tribes. She and Namor argue and she bitch slaps him to the floor!

In the Negative Zone Johnny, Ben and Franklin are holding off the baddies whilst the Future Foundation figures out a way to seal the portal off. As it turns out the only way to do it is for someone to stay behind. Immediately Ben Grimm steps up and volunteers but Johnny has other plans. Johnny grabs Ben and throws him back through the portal and turns on the force field, sealing his fate! In turn of irony Ben’s powers come back 5 minutes after he could have used them to save Johnny and the kids, this is when Johnny turns to face his foe and his fate and he dies on his feet!

Jonathan Hickman has done a stellar job during the whole “Three” arc, Each member of the Fantastic Four (along with the kids from the Future Foundation) have been positioned in such a way that they are all in mortal danger. There is no way of knowing when you begin reading the issue which character is going to die (unless you had it ruined for you on twitter).

Johnny and Ben might annoy the hell out of each other but they are brothers in every sense except for the biology, and Hickman does a great job capturing the emotion between them. He shows that Johnny isn’t just a playboy without a care in the world; Johnny Storm is a hero through and through. I hope marvel don’t ruin this ending by bringing him back in a year. Although we don’t see a body, we do see Johnny get overwhelmed by the insects so we all know he’s not really dead! Hey! This is comics after all!

The Art work by Steve Epting is truly amazing. All of the characters show real emotion which just adds to the gut punch at the end. I am far from an expert on artwork but I know what is beautiful and this definitely is.

I’m Recommend any lapsed Fantastic Four fans pick up this whole arc and start reading the new ones asap! Jonathan Hickman is doing a great job of making the Fantastic Four relevant in the Marvel Universe again

I’m giving Fantastic Four #587 4.5 out of 5, it’s as close as you can get to a perfectly told story as i think main stream comics are capable of getting. it’s face paced and full of emotion. I can’t wait for the next issue to see the fall out from the death.

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