Farewell to Virgin Comics? Bloody hope not!

Over at the Down the Tubes news blog they like several other comic news sites are reporting the closure of Virgin Comics New York Offices. All I can say is I was gutted to hear this news.

When we were approaching comic companies trying to get them to take our podcast and what we do seriously enough to provide us with review copies of their titles Virgin were really supportive. They listened to the podcasts gave feed back, provided us with a shed load of stuff for reviews and even threw in a few extra copies for competition prize). If that wasn’t enough the majority of their titles were pretty damn good.

Apparently one of the projects to be screwed by this news was a second Dan Dare series. Now I was a Dare fan of old and I greeted the first series in decades with apprehension. Garth Ennis blasted a truck sized hole in that apprehension before I could “Look giant big headed green guy.”

Knowing that the second series was all cued up and ready to go and now may never see the light of day is a punch in the guts for us Dare fans. I just hope it get picked up by another company as I don’t want to wait another 20 years for a Dan Dare comic.

I’ll also miss those Virgin titles which strayed from the norm. Titles such as beautiful Ramayan 3393 AD Reloaded offer us a glimpse at some the classic tales from Indian mythology with a modern sci-fi spin.

I’m no comic business expert but a lot of people smarter than me seem to think Virgin had spread themselves too thin. They started with a bang when they should have started with a whimper and built their way up with just a few titles to begin with. To be honest I don’t care about there reasons, I’m just sad about the outcome.

I’ll leave the final words to the Virgin Comics CEO and hope it’s a sign that all is not lost for the guys over at Virgin.

“We remain excited about the business and partnerships we have built through Virgin Comics and are working towards a restructuring that properly takes the business forward,”

Sharad Devarajan,

Source: Downthetubes

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