Mayamada create anime inspired clothing and have a comic called Samurai Chef. They are all kinds of awesome! We caught up with the team to hear more about the brand, talk fashion and what projects they have coming up this year!

GS: So where did the idea for mayamada come from? And what does it mean?!

M: The name comes from a mash up of the Japanese name “Mayazuki Yamada”.  He’s one of the characters in the brand and the creator of the mayamada tv network.

GS: Who is mayamada for?

M: Mayamada is for people who want clothing from a brand that has unique character and depth to it. We like to inspire creativity and imagination through our characters and comics and events, so anyone that enjoys being creative in their own way will like mayamada.

GS: Where do you take inspiration from?

M: Our main inspiration comes from the world of anime and the district, creative and varied style that you see in many of the anime and manga you find in Japan. We’ve spent some time in Japan and were blown away by the vibrancy of the country but also the amount of character (often literally) that could be seen all around.

GS: Where are you based? You have an online shop, but do you have a store anywhere?

M: We don’t currently have our own shop but you can find a selection of our products in Stuff & Co which is on the first floor of Whiteley’s shopping centre. We’re working on getting more stockist through the year too, so it’ll be a lot easier to find us until we do have our own shop someday.

Norio Sweatshirt, £35 *drool*

Norio Sweatshirt, £35

GS: Sum up the mayamada team in one sentence.

M: A hardworking, talented team that enjoy creating cool things for ourselves and others to enjoy.

GS: Your backgrounds are Engineering and Computer Science, so how did you get into designing t-shirts? Do you class yourselves as being part of the fashion industry now rather than the science industry?

M: We began thinking about t-shirts after a friend came up with an idea to make a sell Japanese inspired designs, though we had to overcome a false start to create the brand as it is today.

We knew we wanted to create a unique brand with a Japanese inspired aesthetic.  We also wanted to create a brand other people could enjoy and get involved with which is what led us to putting the mayamada together and the style of t-shirts we have.

We are part of the fashion industry just through the fact of owning a brand that does clothing, and we’re learning more about the industry all the time which is great.  But we haven’t lost the engineer’s mindset just yet!

GS: How does it feel to have your own spot on the ASOS Marketplace?

M: It was great to meet people from ASOS and especially rewarding that they were impressed enough to give us our own boutique on the site.

Having our own boutique is a positive step because it lets us know people are liking the brand and helps us get it out to more people at the same time.

Serious Sound shirt, £25

Serious Sound shirt, £25

GS: You’ve been featured in last month’s British Vogue- that’s pretty fancy! Did you know that was going to happen, or was it a bit of a surprise?

M: We didn’t see that one coming, but they saw us on the ASOS Marketplace and got in touch which was great.  We were very happy they liked what we were doing enough to reach out.

We were also featured in NEO Magazine last year so we’re now aiming to appear in more magazines over the year.

GS: Are there any projects can we look forward to from mayamada in 2014?

M: Yeah we have a few projects to look forward to.  We’re currently working on the second and concluding volume of Samurai Chef Volume 2 for spring/summer before moving onto our other characters later in the year.

We’re also about to start work on some new products, including some cool new caps and t-shirts designs.

And on the events side of things, we’ll be collaborating with the London based fashion and arts event StreetFest this year on May 4th so make sure you come down and see us there!


Sounds like mayamada have a busy year ahead! If you want to get your hands on some mayamada goodies, head over to their website, where you can buy ALL THE COOLNESS and also keep up to date with new arrivals. I’m putting that epic Norio Sweatshirt on my wish list!


Source: mayamada

Photos: mayamada

Reporter: Jess Hawke

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