BIOWORLD Hint at New Star Wars Range

Bioworld have been churning out some pretty impressive snaps of possible new Star Wars products on their Twitter feed lately… Check them out!

So what goodies have we been eyeing up exactly? Well, for starters there’s this adorable teeny tiny Death Star purse, which Bioworld says is perfect for “small Tie Fighters, Imperial Transports and coins.” Then there’s a shiny 3D Millennium Falcon bag, complete with faux Wookie pom pom keyring. Size-wise, although fitting  a Rathtar or Wookie in it might be a bit of a squeeze, it could still hold a fair amount of junk.

If practicality is more of a concern for you, then why not take a look at a couple of Empire rucksacks? There’s one that takes inspiration from a Imperial uniform, as well as one with an entire selection of Imperial branded goodies to go alongside it, including luggage tags, bobble hats, wallets and more.

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Unfortunately, none of these product are on the market yet; Bioworld have stated that these photos are just to gauge interest in the designs, but holy Hoth do we want to get our hands on them! Fingers crossed we’ll see these designs and more for sale soon. Want to know if and when these geeky goodies become available? Follow Bioworld on Facebook and Twitter!


GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

Source: Bioworld

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