Guys, Have You Ever Wanted To Smell Like an Avenger?

Avengers-Cologne-SetFinally boys you can smell like your favourite Avenger! Choose between Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America (what happened to Hawkeye?) Eau De Hulk? Hmm. We imagine it might smell a bit sweaty.

The cologne fragrances are:

  • Patriot! The Captain America one smells like green lime, white pepper, dry oak wood, sandalwood, and tequila…surely Iron Man should have the tequilla in there?!
  • Mark VII! Iron Man, he apparently smells like Mandarin, neroli, nasturtium, and jasmine – layered with light patchouli.
  • SMASH! Guess who’s this one is….he smells like Yuzu, bergamot, tarragon, water lily, and nutmeg. So not sweaty and angry.
  • Worthy! is Thor’s fragrance. Bergamot, frozen ginger, wheatgrass, fresh natural grapefruit, and aromatic cypress.

This set was available from Think Geek but seems to be out of stock at the moment. You can always ask Santa if he has any stuffed away at the bottom of his sack.

Source: Fashionably Geek
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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