Lovarzi Launch Doctor Who Christmas Knitwear

Lovarzi have been producing high-quality scarves, gloves and hats since 2007 and in 2012 they were given licence to produce Doctor Who related products. The company has produced replicas of the Fourth Doctor’s scarves, the Fifth Doctor’s cricketing jumper and the Seventh Doctor’s jumper, cravat and umbrella. In addition, the company have produced an excellent range of Doctor Who themed scarves. I own a grey TARDIS scarf which is both a nice design but also incredibly warm. For the record, I also have a Seventh Doctor Jumper and Umbrella.

As winter sets in, Lovarzi have delivered another fine range of Doctor Who items to see fans of the show through the cold months. The products are a hat and scarf in a fetching blue theme that feature Daleks and the TARDIS with Christmas trees and snow flakes. We have some samples to present below, but before that we can also reveal that Lovarzi now have an exclusive Doctor Who Fan Club. By signing up here, fans obtain a 15% discount at launch for new Doctor Who products as well as 10% off all Doctor Who products all year round. There’s no upfront payment – just head over and sign up.

The hat is priced at £14.99 and the scarf, £19.99

You can check out all of the company’s Doctor Who related items by checking out the category on their web site. The company also produce licenced Sherlock and Star Trek products.

Lovarzi Doctor Who Christmas Hat Lovarzi Doctor Who Christmas Hat Lovarzi Doctor Who Christmas Scarf

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