New Genki Gear Collection to be Released at MCM Expo

Who doesn’t love Genki Gear? They have adorable designs and always make an appearance at MCM. This year they have a new collection launching at the con, as well as some fan favourites…

If you’re heading to MCM London next weekend, you’ll probs buy at least on shirt over the weekend. Stop by the Genki Gear table to grab a bargain! Check out their new designs below, all £15 each, along with their new Japan Range, all £10 each.


GGNew range oct 2015

“Madness” available in Unisex and Women’s in Charcoal and Indigo,  “Fluffy Cat” available in Unisex and Women’s in Sapphire, Black and Chestnut plus a hoodie and ladies vest top, “Octopus Head” available in Unisex and Women’s in Charcoal, Indigo and Kiwi, all £15


GGNew Japan Oct 2015

Hentai, Sugoi, Senpai, kawaii, Yaoi, all £10

How lovely are they all?! Genki Gear will be on the main walkway in the middle of the show, so look out for the panda banner! MCM is 23rd-25th Oct this month. Have you prepped yet? Got your cosplay finished yet? We want to know!


GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

Source: Genki Gear

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