FORCE FRIDAY II: Po-Zu Announce New Rey Hi Boot

Force Friday has given us a tidal wave of awesome new merch, including the latest design from the Po-Zu x Star Wars collection: the Rey Hi Boot!

If you’re looking to cosplay The Last Jedi Rey, you need these boots. Based on the design Daisy Ridley wears in the new film, these shoes are the closest thing you’ll get to the real ones, making them perfect for a Rey costume! The Rey Hi Boot is made from leather with chromium free dye, as well as Po-Zu’s super-comfy Foot Mattress. The look is similar to Rey’s boots from The Force Awakens, with lace up backs and a casual look, but longer and made from leather rather than tweed.


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GS were invited along to the launch evening at The Museum of Brands on August 31st, where the design was unveiled ahead of Force Friday. We were met with some amazing folks from The UK Garrison and Rebel Legion, as well as treated to a performance from the Storm Trooper dance group, Boogie Storm. The night continued with speeches from representatives from The Museum of Brands and Po-Zu, as well as Jedi News and The Ethical Fashion Forum and it was great to see not only Star Wars fans, but also people from the fashion world! Po-Zu is continuing to make ethical and sustainable fashion more accessible, whilst reaching out to a wider audience. The response from both Star Wars and geek fashion fans has been brilliant and we at GS LOVE the work they’re producing! Ethical fashion isn’t something that’s seen often (if at all) in nerd merch, so it’s refreshing to see it and have it done so successfully. You can swing by The Museum of Brands to see the Po-Zu x Star Wars range on display until Sunday 12th November, along with the regular amazing collections the museum has to offer. You can pre-order the Rey Hi Boot now for £225 and your order will be shipped in time for you to wear these when The Last Jedi is released in December!

You can check out the full Po-Zu x Star Wars range here. What do you think of the Rey Hi Boot? Which other characters do you want to see featured in the Po-Zu x Star Wars collection? Let us know!


GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

Source: Po-Zu

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