Project Strikeback T-Shirt Coming Soon from Dark Bunny Tees

‘Diplomacy is overrated’ boasts the all new Project Strkeback T-shirts coming soon from Dark Bunny Tees.

Project Strikeback has gone from being a guilty pleasure to one of the first shows I stick on my long list of V+ recorded shows.  Every week I look forward to settling down to watch the ever increasingly ludicrous adventures of  the covert team ‘Section 20’ and their top operatives Scott and Stonebridge. When doing my rounds on the internet yesterday I discovered that T-shirt selling website Dark Bunny Tees, which specialises in film T-Shirt, has an officially licensed T-shirt based on the SkyOne show.

I don’t know if the T-shirt will be out in time for me to watch the rest of series 3 while wearing it but you can be damm sure that’s my plan for series 4.

The T-shirts, which can be pre-ordered here, will be available from Dark Bunny Tees on 1st November.

Oh and in case you have no idea what Project Strikeback is where let me explain with a trailer.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Dark Bunny Tees

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