Top Fashion Pieces From SWCO

These are the fashion pieces you’re looking for! SWCO has given us a whole range of new products over the weekend, including several wardrobe’s worth of clothing and accessories. We’re bringing you some of the best pieces to be announced at this year’s Star Wars Celebration!

We all know that geek fashion is on the rise- this year has seen at least two fashion related panels at SWCO, as well as a bunch of new products released from various brands. At GS, we’ve been keeping an eye on new product launches and geek fashion mutterings from the con and have come up our favourites to come out of Star Wars Celebration Orlando.

Musterbrand’s New Fancy Footwear

Known for their top quality clothing with an exceptional attention to detail, Musterbrand have expanded their product line with a new range of Star Wars shoes. Star Wars shoes are a first for Musterbrand and we’re very excited to see them possibly roll out new footwear across all their collections. The Star Wars range include bold and exciting new designs, such as Skywalker X-wing and Darth Vader, plus pumps and even heels. Pre-orders for Skywalker X-wing and Darth Vader are available now, but only in sizes upwards of EU 40… Please don’t say only the heels and pumps are the only women’s sizes on offer. Please. I’m not mad keen on the heels, but the high tops… The high tops I absolutely LOVE.

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Images: musterbrand, Fashionably Geek


Her Universe Announce New Disney Parks Merch

Ashley Eckstein was announced as a special guest at the Disney Parks and Star Wars Merchandise panel, where she revealed the new Her Universe lines that are coming to Disney Parks in the next year or so. Not only were the audience treated to new Star Wars designs, but also Haunted Mansion and Alice in Wonderland collections. Fans will be given a huge range of shirts, hoodies, dresses, tops, cardies and capes, all of which are delightful. Our favourites? The BB-8 and AT-AT skirts. Delightful!

Available from the Her Universe booth were also the new range of Star Wars items (including that gorgeous 40th anniversary bomber jacket), as well as the new work out range, which has been getting some mixed reviews. While the designs on offer are brilliant and introduce a new take on fitness clothing (the Wonder Woman designs are stunning), some customers are saying that the fabrics are too see-through and the lack of plus sizes is disappointing… What are your thoughts on the collection?

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Images: Laughing Place, Her Universe


American Tourister‘s New Star Wars Additions

American Tourister have been showing off their great range of Star Wars luggage at SWCO this weekend. They’ve also debuted two new products which are only available to SWCO at this time: BB-8 and R2 D2 backpacks! All of American Tourister‘s designs are bold, eye-catching and perfect for travelling long distances to SWC. And they don’t just look good on the outside: the linings of each bag are designed to match up with the character portrayed on the bag. Check out the pic below from Phil DeConto’s Twitter and marvel at the awesomeness of that collection. That is the best way to travel to SWC!

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Image source: American Tourister, Twitter


Po-Zu Show Off Ethical Star Wars Line at SWCO

We’ve been talking non-stop about Po-Zu since we were introduced to them a couple of months ago and they have taken their new Star Wars collection over to SWCO! We are sure everyone who swings by the Po-Zu booth will love the eco-friendly range as much as we do. There aren’t a lot of ethically conscious brands in attendance at SWCO, so Po-Zu‘s products will offer insight into a more sustainable side of fashion to geek merch. Below are some snaps we took of our time at the recent Po-Zu press day, as well as an interview with Founder, Sven Segal.

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What has been your favourite piece of geek fashion to come out of SWCO so far? Have you been throwing your money at some awesome merch? Let us know and send us your pics!


GS Blogger: Jess Hawke


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