I Am Elemental – A New Range of Female Superheroes

A new range of Female Action Figures from IAmElemental aims to give young girls Heroines they can aspire to & fire their imagination with!

For the first time ever, I have forked out cash on something I saw on Kickstarter: the launch of a new series of fierce female action figures by IAmElemental. The IAmElemental Kickstarter campaign actually begin May 13, 2014, and IAmElemental is radically changing the game in the action figure universe with its new line of female characters that embody the Elements of Power. The first series, tagged “Courage”, includes 7 unique figures that are the personification of the Elements of Courage:

Bravery | Energy | Honesty | Industry | Enthusiasm | Persistence | Fear


“MORE HEROINE, LESS HOOTERS” – Dawn Nadeau and Julie Kerwin, the brains behind IAmElemental, have not held back in the dissatisfaction with the way that females are currently portrayed in action figures – the Elementals have been designed with healthier breast, waist and hip ratios; fierce, strong females worthy of an active, save-the-world storyline that fosters creativity in kids.

“IT’S CHARACTER, NOT CHARACTERS” – IAmElemental action figures encourage girls to reinvent the superhero myth by creating their own empowering stories. In the IAmElemental universe, the girl herself is the superhero – and she has all the superpowers she will ever need already inside of her.

PLAY WITH POWER – The one-of-a-kind 4-inch articulated action figures will be sold in a Mystery Pack (expecteded retail of $8.99 / £5.50 per pack) with Joan-of-Arc inspired armor, a removable, interchangeable accessory, and an identifying shield they can hold in their hand. As IAmElemental founder Julie Kerwin has said: “We are not anti-doll, or anti-princess. Rather, we believe that if you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story.”

Bravery Fear Enthusiasm Energy Persistence Industry Honesty

IAmElemental was founded in 2013 by Julie and Dawn after they became frustrated by what they saw, and didn’t see in the toy market. IAmElemental envisions girls as the creators of a play experience in which they are the active agents in a story of their own design.

I’m parting with my cash, because when my daughter plays with her two brothers, she either has to settle for the Hulk, or the lamest Invisible Woman and Black Widow figurines. I want to have characters that she has ownership of, stand level Wolverine, Capt Am and all the other figurines than my sons have, and isn’t just a token gesture – so I am really hoping it works out for IAmElemental.

The Kickstarter campaign can be found at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iamelemental/iamelemental-action-figures-for-girls


GS Reporter: SilverFox

Source: http://iamelemental.com/

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  1. Rosa Richards /

    I would really like to buy one for my daughter for christmas, but they don’t seem to be on sale in the UK yet, and the postage is extortionate for shipping from the US for one doll! Does anyone know how I can get hold of one in the UK? Do we have to wait a while before they make it here?

  2. SilverFox /

    Hi Rosa – I bought mine through Kickstarter, but my guess is that unless they have already signed a distribution deal, e.g. with ToysRUs, we probably won’t see them in the UK this side of Christmas…

  3. Rosa Richards /

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

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