Her Universe Expands its Doctor Who Universe

Just in time for the start of season 8 of Doctor Who, Her Universe has released some amazing new clothes for female Whovians across the world.

The vision of Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Her Universe provides fun, well designed sci-fi and fantasy clothes for girls and women. I’ve been an avid fan of Her Universe since it launched and recently it has gone from strength to strength adding more franchises, starting with Star Wars then branching out into Marvel, Star Trek and Doctor Who.

One of their growing lines is their Doctor Who line and here is a look at some of their latest designs for the new series:



First up is what I’ve been waiting for,  a Doctor Who maternity t-shirt.  With the slogan, future time lord across the bump this is perfect for anyone you know who is expecting (especially when they are due to drop during season 8, like yours truly)


van gogh dress


Next has to be this Van Gogh inspired dress.  The Van Gogh episode was  one of my favourite and no matter how many times I’ve seen the image of the Tardis I’ve always wanted it on a T-shirt or dress, now my prayers have been answered

I like the cut of this dress, it’s not too tight about the legs and not too low cut making it perfect for everyday wear.

raglan back


This raglan shirt is a lovely nod to the year it all started 1963. I really love the cut of this t-shirt as like most of the Her Universe shirts, though they are fitted they are not skin tight, and more importantly they are long which is fantastic.





Lastly is the the Goodbye Raggedy Man t-shirt.  This is what Her Universe does best, finding or creating wonderful images that have a geeky link and putting them on well cut t-shirts.  I previously loved the art deco star wars t-shirts and this is firmly on my wish list too.  I love the summery colours and the fact it’s not too overtly Doctor Who but skill would help me keep my geek-cred.




There are loads of other amazing pieces on the site and these are only a few of my favourites. Now I’m off to order my Future Time Lord t-shirt 🙂

SourceHer Universe

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