FASHION REVIEW: Amazing Hellboy Crossplay

hellboySoElogoA while ago I talked about cross dressing in cosplay and talked about May B’s steampunk Darth Vader. Well here’s another great example: Hellboy by the brilliant cosmicworkshop.


The costume’s been worked on since October 2012 to make sure every detail is as accurate as possible. The wig, shirt, shoes and make up have been modified to keep in the style of both the comic book and the films. Also, that gun is made from cardboard tubes and carving foam. DIY crafty cosplay at its best!

“This is me in my first ever cosplay costume Hellboy. I wanted to play homage to both the comic character as well as the movie adaptation and include many details and props that are usually over looked.”


To follow the evolution of this awesome Hellboy cosplay and to see more pictures, head over to Big Red Ape Cosplay on Facebook.

On a final note, all that hard work and attention to detail paid off. Cosmicworkshop recently won Manga UK’s best female cosplay!

Source: Women of Comicbook Cosplay
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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