FASHION REVIEW: Capital Couture Revamp

Anyone who has an interest in The Hunger Games and fashion will know of the Tumblr blog Capitol Couture. Initially released before the films, it explores the fashion and culture of Capitol life with extravagant and quirky clothing and styling.

For a while, Capitol Couture was a little quiet. That all changed on May 31st when it was revealed that, in celebration of the up coming film, Catching Fire, the blog would be re-launched with the aim of having a stronger focus on high fashion and new style, . Each year three ‘issues’ for Spring, Summer and Fall will be published, with weekly updates in between, including cover stories, Capitol “inspired” looks, designer and character profiles and much more.


The Spring Issue: Chroma Nouveau is up and running with an audacious but stylish layout, the front page an image of Effie Trinket showing the colourful and eccentric Capitol fashion and style. There are sections on character and designer profiles, high fashion in Capitol inspired looks, shoots with actors and examples of fans’ Capitol creations. A designer who features heavily in the Capitol Look section is Alexander McQueen, who is famous for his elegant yet bold, daring and unusual designs. The alien qualities his garments possess reflect the unconventional fashions that the Capitol exhibits. Present throughout the site is a nod to Georgian fashion, with big wigs and ruffles, but updated with quirky colours and elaborate make up. Personally, I think the costumes are more like glorified Who dress from The Grinch.

With so many new topics to work your way around, it’ll take a while to look at them all. But with so much good stuff on the site, it’s definitely worth it! As I mentioned already, Capitol Couture has been upgraded with the main focus being on high fashion, so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, the character profiles and new looks at Catching Fire mean that it’s not just a site for diehard fashionistas. Fans of the Hunger Games will enjoy the new film updates and also shoots with cast members.


You can check out the revamped site at and take a look at the Spring Issue.


Reporter: Jess Hawke

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