FASHION REVIEW: Capitol Couture by Trish Summerfield

Let’s face it, who didn’t like the Capitol costumes in The Hunger Games? Ok, so some of the wardrobe for Catching Fire was provided by McQueen, but Trish Summerfield was the lady behind the other great outfits. She has recently released a collection inspired by the movie. But would the Capitol approve?

Maybe fashion trends like we see in the Capitol should be reserved for Gaga and fancy dress, but I think Summerville could’ve been a bit more daring with this collection. So there’s some interesting panelling and fancy cocktail dresses, but where are the bold colours and crazy proportions?
Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 17.02.47
Although the name implies Capitol Crazy, the collection is I think based more on the outfits used to portray Katniss than the Capitol look itself. They could reflect the fact that her own clothes were used to build and portray her image into a symbol of rebellion before she herself realized. The elements of this show in the use of bold block colours along with the strong lines, all connected to her strong personality.
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My other issue is the price. I understand why clothing can be expensive. The process of designing and making clothes is hard work (trust me on this one, it’s not all pretty drawings and sewing machines). But I don’t understand how a brand can print a slogan on a shirt, sew their label in it and whack a great big price tag on it. Especially when there are younger people interested in a franchise like The Hunger Games, who would be interested in getting a nice piece of clothing that is linked to the film in some way. A bit like designer Henry Holland having two labels: One high up fashion house and another smaller one in Debenhams, which younger people can afford.
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All that aside, it is a nice collection! Made up of 23 items, it’s monochrome with hints of colour and a nice mix of daywear and eveningwear. The active wear has a slight nod to the training outfits worn by the Tributes and designed by Lucas Hugh. My favourite piece is the silver arrow arm cuff- it’s gorgeous! Also the leather jacket. But the ear cuff’s a bit weird.
Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 18.33.22
Will I be saving up for a piece from this collection anytime soon? I don’t think so. Maybe the cuff can go on this year’s birthday wish list. If you want to get your mits on a fancy dress, pretty jewellery or glorified bum bag, head over to NET-A-PORTER, where you can find the whole collection, exclusive to the site.


Girl On Fire shirt, £60
Laser cut Leather Dress, £800
Silver Cuff, £220
Glorified bum bag, £23



Reporter: Jess Hawke

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