FASHION REVIEW: Doodle Craft Whovian Shoes

GS Doodle Craft Whovian ShoesLiked the shoes I talked about in my Canvas Warriors or Michael Kohl posts? Want to have a go at creating your own quirky nerdy shoes? Check out Doodle Craft’s painted shoes tutorial to create your own Whovian shoes…

If you have a pair of sorry looking plain shoes lying around the house then they’re perfect for a project like this. Or instead of forking out cash on a new pair, have a look around your local charity shops for something similar. Canvas fabrics work best, but the faux leather ones used on Doodle Craft work just as well!

 I’ll leave it to Doodle Craft to tell you exactly how to make these beauties, but it really is amazing what you can create from old shoes, paint and a little creativity. The finished TARDIS and Eleven suit shoes are amazing! They take a while to make, seeing as the paint needs a very long time to dry, but it’s worth it! Doodle Craft also made a cute little clip bow tie that sits on the front for the shoe. Bow ties are cool.

GS Doodle Craft Whovian Shoes

 Although Doodle Crafts have done a different design for each shoe, you don’t have to. But it is nice to mix things up a bit. And they don’t need to be Who inspired either! You can make up your own designs for other franchises or create something completely new from scratch. Add your own little quirks to make them really stand out. This is a great project for costume, normal daywear or kid’s crafts and a brilliant way to let your imagination go crazy with arty stuff.

 Let us know if you’ve done a project like this before- we’d love to see your awesome work!

Source: The Mary Sue

Reporter: Jess Hawke

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