FASHION REVIEW: Luke Skywalker Crossplay

GS Luke Skywalker Crossplay 2

Here’s another brilliant example of crossplay, this time from Fantasci-fi Girl. This cosplayer uses ethical materials to create her amazing costumes!

GS Luke Skywalker Crossplay

GS Luke Skywalker Crossplay 2

I love this Luke Skywalker crossplay. And not just because it looks amazing: all the parts of it are either recycled clothing, made from organic materials or made by Fantasci-fi Girl. The backpack for Yoda? Yup. Handmade. And 10/10 for the location as well! Those of you who’ve read one of my previous posts, Cosplay on Location, will know how much I love cosplay that’s been photographed in a setting that fits with the costume and where it originates from. It emphasises the effort that’s been put into the costumes and personally, I think it looks more realistic than being photographed in a studio.

If you head over to Fantasci-fi Girl’s facebook page, you can see all her other incredible costumes. She even includes the character, which movie/franchise they’re from and where the materials were sourced.

Source: Fantasci-fi Girl
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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