FASHION REVIEW: Magneto Hoodie

GS Magneto-Costume-Hoodie

Deep down in every one of us, we secretly want to be a super villain. Well now you can really feel like one. Whether you prance, strut, run or walk normally, you’ll feel every bit a super villain in this Magneto hoodie from 80s Tees.

GS Magneto-Costume-Hoodie

Magneto Hoodie from 80s Tees

Here is the story of the Magneto hoodie as told on 80s Tees:

   “Max Eisenhardt wanted to dominate the human race with the help of mutants. When he was eventually able to pull his magnetic field away from his refrigerator, he re-named himself Magneto and put on an outfit very similar to this X-Men hoodie. This costume hoodie may not give you electromagnetic powers, but with a hood that resembles Magneto’s telepathic-resistant helmet, people will give you the respect a super villain deserves.”

This zip-front cotton hoodie is available here for around $60, which is a little pricey, but not if you crave having the power of a crazed super villain. I’m putting this on my wish list.

Source: 80s Tees
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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