FASHION REVIEW: Mass Effect EDI Latex Bodysuit

edi1-miniCosplay and latex are a familiar combination. But unless it’s done properly, it can look cheap. Even if it is done well, it’s hard to create something that hasn’t been done before with Latex. This Mass Effect EDI latex bodysuit from Anatomic-Latex is not only made to a high standard, but the design and how it’s constructed is refreshing and new. This bodysuit is all kinds of awesome.

Not only is the design fantastic, but also all that detail has been ingrained into the latex, not printed straight on, meaning it won’t wear or rub off. The shading and smoothness of tone around the joint detailing is incredible, while the glow in the dark and UV reactive patches are super cool. I love it when designers incorporate technology like this into fabric and fashion, so to me this costume is right up my street!


Onto accessories. The helmet is also made of latex as well and really compliments the suit without looking like a cheap addition to the costume. And those shoes… United Nude is a company that use the same heel design. You’d think they’d be pretty hard to walk in, but in fact they’re ridiculously comfy. I think the shoes are absolutely stunning and add to the futuristic look of the whole piece.

10/10 for the team at Anatomic-Latex.

The rest of the bodysuit photos can be found here. If you’re looking for futuristic shoes with quirky designs for cosplay, head over to United Nude.

Reporter: Jess Hawke

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