FASHION REVIEW: Michael Kohl Custom NES Nikes

kohlscustoms1I LOVE these customised Nikes from Toronto based art teacher, Michael Kohl.  Using Nike Toki NDs as a canvas, he painted a scene from scenes from the original Super Marios Bros and the finished product is absolutely brilliant.

The colours are vibrant, there’s retro quirkiness and you know that you’re probably one of only a handful of people to own a pair if you can get your hands on some.



Not only does the artist paint snapshots from other classic games like Megaman 2, but he also paints a whole range of themes onto all different types of shoe. Here’s an awesome pair of Batman Nikes, Pacman hightops and even wedding shoes!

Prices range from $150-$500, depending on the amount of detail in the design, time it takes to produce the pair and cost of materials.

Check out more of Michael Kohl’s work here.

Reporter: Jess Hawke

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  1. are a pair of these shoes for sale?

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