FASHION REVIEW: Professional Cosplay From Tali of Mass Effect

Mass_Effect_logoProfessional and amateur cosplay is something we can all appreciate. It’s evident how much time and effort people put into their costumes to bring their favourite characters to life. Whether it’s homemade or been crafted by professionals, DIY cosplay is always a win and something for the wearer to show off and be proud of.

I always try to make as much of my costumes for cosplay as possible. I think it’s more fun than buying a ready-made outfit which isn’t necessarily as accurate as the original, plus you run the risk of bumping into someone with the EXACT same costume as you. Awkward.

Falling into the category of ‘student’, I lack the money and time to go all out with cosplay. But I do try my best! Finding cheap materials and working on my old Singer sewing machine, I’ve created loads of costumes, from Wonder Woman to ewoks. Further up the cosplay spectrum are professional cosplayers. These guys have items specially made for them if they don’t have the skill or technology to make it, and every time they try to get the outfit as accurate as possible. Here is a brilliant example of a costume made by cosplayer Ayimera, along with a variety of skilled craftspeople: Tali of Mass Effect.


“This was definitely a collaboration costume. I purchased the visor from Taylor at Crabcat Industries and handed it off to Will at WM Armory to create the helmet. My friend, Meredith (who is also an amazing cosplayer), created Tali’s signature wrap/hood as a wedding present (best present ever), and Ammnra Creations did the omni-tool. I put it all together, created all the detail bits (belt, harness, boots, gloves, etc), installed a fan and tint in the helmet, and debuted the costume at Katsucon ’13!”     -Ayimera, designer

The choices of colours, materials and attention to detail have really paid off. It’s evident that a large amount of time was spent to create this, and that is what other cosplayers or viewers will love and have respect for.

By collaborating with other artists to create one costume, the outcome can be absolutely stunning, as proved by this example.

Check out more of Ayimera’s cosplay creations on Facebook and view more photos of her Tali costume and the original article here.

Reporter: Jess Hawke

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