FASHION REVIEW: Swarovski Crystal Batman Heels from Wicked Addiction

GS Batman heels side

Holy sparkly snazzy shoes Batman! The Girls at Wicked Addiction have come up with these incredible Swarovski encrusted Batman heels. These are on going on this year’s birthday list.

Hand-painted and covered in over 2000 Swarovski crystals, these are right up there with Wonder Woman Converse in my ‘Shoes of Awesomeness’ list. Shiny, dazzling, bright, however you want to describe them, they are amazing.

GS Batman Heels 2

A Batman logo, Gotham City skyline and a couple of BIFFS and BAMS are crystallised on these beauties, along with the entire heel. The base colours are hand painted and the design runs right the way from the top of the shoe, down to the sole. These are a little pricey and are therefore an investment piece. But if you think about the amount of time taken to stick all those crystals on, it’s worth it!

Wicked Addiction have loads of different designs, all absolutely stunning so be sure to check out their Etsy page! They also do custom orders. You come up with a starting idea and they do the rest! And if you don’t feel like tottering around in heels, they do flats as well.

If Batman heels aren’t enough for you, check out these Batman vs. Joker heels!

Source: Wicked Addiction on Etsy
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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  1. Thanks a Million Jess for writing about our heels! We love you for this and thanks for loving our work! From the Girls at Wicked Addiction!

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