GS tardis onesie

Onesies are a thing. Like them or not, they’re happening. But with loads of crazy designs out there, which one do you choose? Here, Ladies and Gents, is the mother of all onesies.

GS tardis onesie

If you’re having a Who day, then what better to watch it in than a TARDIS onesie? Or if you haven’t fallen for onesies yet, how about a present for that Whovian friend? Whether you use it for slouching around the house in or as a costume for a Whovian party, this is a versatile onesie. And yes, there are parties where one is required to wear some sort of onesie.

Whether it’s for you or a friend, it’s available to order now at £39.95 from Red5 Gadget Shop now.

Source: Geek Native
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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