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Wow.  I have known about this show coming up for a while now but to see the full list of programming throughout this is quite amazing.  I’m interested to see if more pops up as the time goes by and more programs are added but what I’ve seen so far is pretty bloody fantastic.  I have to give a lot of credit to the guest curator Ben Saunders and the people at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art as well as the school for at this point presenting a pretty amazing set of programs.  The amount of all-ages and educational programming at this point is quite brilliant and brings a smile to my face.  Could be from being the son of a Librarian (The only one left in my cities Elementary schools by the way…..and people wonder why Americans are illiterate) but it also comes from a love of comics and wanting to spread that love.  So let me go through one program I’m most looking forward to for each month of the show.

Curator’s Gallery Talk: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet: The Art of the Superhero

Wednesday, October 14, 5:30 p.m.

Explore the art of the superhero in Faster Than a Speeding Bullet with exhibition curator Ben Saunders, UO Associate Professor of English.

I’ve seen Ben speak more times than I can count.  He’s someone I’m very glad to consider a friend.  He’s someone I’m extremely glad to have helped get back into comics.  He’s also Welsh so that makes it even more awesome for me to run up at the Syndicate.  I’ve seen him give the same speech a kajillion times over and it never gets boring.  I’ve actually got a sample of a speech of his that I’m cutting down and will throw up soon as it’s quite a fascinating explorational talk about Superman.  You can bet I’ll be there for this one.

Writing Mature, Adult-Themed Superhero Comics

Wednesday, November 11, 5:30 p.m.

Marc Andreyko, comics and screenplay writer, leads a talk on his experience writing mature, adult-themed superhero comics. In 1994, Andreyko’s publication The Lost debuted and earned him a Harvey Award nomination. He has also partnered with P. Craig Russell, Jill Thompson, and Brian Michael Bendis. Andreyko continues to chronicle the adventures of Kate Spencer, a.k.a. Manhunter, in Batman: Streets of Gotham and is at work on new projects.

Why do I want to go to this in November?  Because it’s Marc Andreyko.  One of my favorite people in comics and you can tell how much the guy cares.  This guy sent out hundreds of copies of his book to try to raise the sales.  He got behind the work.  And you could actually tell how much he appreciated those of us that were fans of the book and the character of Kate Spencer.  He’s a guy I love to watch talk and while I will love watching Mike Allred I’m still more looking forward to running into and seeing one of my favorite queer comic creators and one of my favorite creators in general.

Gender & The Superhero

Wednesday, December 9, 5:30 p.m.

Author, activist and Wonder Woman expert Andy Mangels interviews Gail Simone about her career as the writer of superhero comics and animation. Simone first came to fan attention with her website Women in Refrigerators, listing the many instances in which female comic book characters were the victims of violent attacks because of their gender or whose attacks were used as a plot device for a male character. Best known for penning DC’s Birds of Prey, Simone is the writer of Welcome to Tranquility and All-New Atom and, in 2007, became the ongoing writer of Wonder Woman. Portland, Oregon-based Andy Mangels is the author or co-author of over twenty books, including two best-sellers, and nearly one hundred comic books, including an award-winning anthology.

This to me is an easy choice.  Gail is one of the nicest people I’ve met in the industry.  She’s a sweetheart and she’s also a fantastic speaker when it comes to learning about comics and why people love em.  I love seeing her talk.  It’s always fun, she’s got a great wit and BAM!  It’s just always good to see interesting and controversial topics being discussed.

You can find the rest of the current programming over at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Arts website located by clicking anywhere on this overly long and drawn out sentence.

I would suggest clicking there as there is a lot more than what I listed.  A 2 day conference, tons of awesome activities.  It’s going to be a good few months here in Oregon and I can’t wait till it gets started.

I’ll keep updating with more info as time goes on and more shows up.

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