Fight Zombies for Real in the Zombie Shopping Mall Experience

 Ever dreamed of fighting zombies in an abandoned shopping mall or manor house? Well thanks to Zombie Experience days you can grab your trust shotgun and take down a few of those flesh eating dirtbags.

If you’re one those back seat zombie survivor  types – the ones you how hurl abuse at the latest game, film etc because the on screen characters are making all those rookie mistakes which are going to lose them their entrails then I have something that may cure you. Thanks to Zombie Experience Days (no I’m not making this up) you can now live out your Walking Dead fantasies in real life.

Thanks to video gaming technology, there is an entire generation whose happiest childhood memories revolve around the wholesale execution of hordes of shuffling, groaning, bitetastic Undead.

We at Wish like to make even the goriest dreams come true, and with our mega-popular Zombie Experiences, guilt-free slaughter has never felt so good.

At secret locations in Droitwich, Reading and Warrington, you will be trained within an inch of your life (in about 30 minutes) to use an array of high-tech weaponry before being unleashed to face the Zombie Apocalypse! Save yourself from the certain humiliation of your friends claiming more kills than you…

There are currently three experiences on offer – Zombie Boot Camp (£79.00), Zombie Manor House (£99) and the aforementioned Zombie Shopping Mall (£139). Personally I don’t think those prices are too bad consider what you get to do for your cash.

What weapons will we use and what happens?
During the first session you’ll meet with a team of police firearm specialists who will provide you with airsoft weapons and give you basic training on how to use them to stay alive! During this 2-2.5 hour session you’ll be part of a story which unfolds in real time. You and your group will then take on the zombies in a “run and gun” battle. The experience will not just about shooting zombies  ammunition will be limited with only a few opportunities to refuel As a survivor you will speed, steady nerves and smart thinking if you’re to make it out alive!

How many zombies are you up against during the experience?
There are lots of zombie. Loads of them, possibly. Definitely more than you can handle if you don’t work with your fellow survivors!

Will I die if the zombies get me and if so, will I then be out of the game?
No, there are a number of ways to deal with a situation where you get cornered by the zombies. This is not a ‘game’ as such, so your team mates will have a chance to rescue you. This does not mean to say that it is a pleasant experience if you do get taken down though!

Here’s a little video teaser for you!

A part of me would love to do this but there’s another part of me, the ‘Look what watching Woman in Black did to you and you want to go and fight zombies?’, that wants to stay as far away from this as possible. Still on the upside I do get a shotgun…hmm shotgun.

Time to start saving people!

For their next idea…taking on hordes of Stormtroopers please.

Source: Zombie Experience Days
GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Sonny /

    I just did the shopping mall experience in Reading and it was more awesome than you even hope. Absolutely brilliant time was had by everyone. It’s like being inside a computer game, only even more amazing. Highly recommended and great fun.


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