Fighting Fantasy Colouring Books Available 28th July

Adult colouring books seem to be everywhere now, especially those with a mindfulness or de-stressing angle. What if you just fancy colouring in some great fantasy artwork though, something with teeth? Well, Fighting Fantasy and Snow Books are about to unleash a series of Fighting Fantasy Colouring books which look set to appeal to anyone who fancies shading a wizard or adding dripping saliva to some fangs.

The reader/colourer can fill in original artwork by Fighting Fantasy artists Iain McCaig, Malcolm Barter and Russ Nicholson, stitched together of course, by the writing of Fighting Fantasy authors Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.

Fighting Fantasy Colouring Books Series 1The four books: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Colouring Book, The Forest of Doom Colouring Book, Deathtrap Dungeon Colouring Book and City of Thieves Colouring Book, launch on 28th July and can be pre-ordered at here. (Collector’s hardbacks are £25, regular paperbacks are £9.99).

Fighting Fantasy will be looked back on fondly by many geeks, for the joy it brought in and of itself, and also the things that came from it or were aided by its existence. Personally, I think these books sound great and I’m interested to see what they will be like inside.

Fighting Fantasy Colouring Book Images © Copyright Fighting Fantasy

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