Film News Bites: Justice League, Prometheus Pre-order, IT Returns and More

A round up of news stories currently grabbing my attention here at Geek Syndicate.

Justice League
Comic book writer Mark Miller has a friend of a friend at DC/Warner Brothers who’s close to the planned Justice League movie and is reporting that the current script (not even close to a final draft) is “Dark & Mature” with a “Real World Feel” Source: SlashFilm

Stephen Kings IT is to be adapted once again, this time for the big screen, as two movies by Jane Eyre director Cary Fukunaga who will be co-writing alongside Chase Palmer (of upcoming Dune remake).  Can this new adaptaion do a better job that the classic 90’s TV mini series with Tim Curry? Only time will tell. Source: IGN

Out in the cinema for but a few short days, Prometheus is already available to pre-order on DVD, Blu-Ray & 3D Blu-Ray  via Amazon in the US.  Yes get ready to be disappointed all over again! Source:

Snow White & The Huntsman 2
Snow White & The Huntsman sequel is in the works. Yup barely days into it’s cinema release this okay received big screen fairy tale adaptation has plans for not just one but two more films (yes that dreaded trilogy!) with David Keopp set to write the script and  Rupert Sanders set to direct again. Soruce: Cinema Blend

Reporter: Phil Hobden

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