Taken 2 Being Re-edited for UK 12A Rating

In a surprise move by the distributor, Taken 2 is being re-edited to get 12A rating in the UK. Personally I’m not sure about this. Neeson was hard-boiled in the original film about an ex-agent who turned Europe upside down trying to find his kidnapped daughter.
The cinema cut of Taken was a crisp 15 certificate, but the DVD was a brutal bare-knuckled 18 cert that set the bench-mark on how all good Dads should protect their daughters.

I’m not really sure that taking your kids to see a film in which the parents get kidnapped by some pretty nasty East European thugs is a sign of good parenting. I can only guess that they want to pick up the whole teenage market, but might they also switch off their core fan-base, too?

I, for one do not want to sit in a cinema full of nauseating adolescents to watch Neeson (albeit diluted now) rip the bad guys a new one. Taken 2 is due in cinemas in the first week of October.

Reporter: SilverFox

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